IRATA: New Video Playing At The Obelisk; Tower Full-Length Out Now Via Small Stone

The Obelisk is pleased to unveil IRATA‘s performance video for “Tower,” the title track of their latest full-length, out now via Small Stone Records.

Writes The Obelisk, “If what you’re looking for is to hear a band belting out full-tilt riffs with an emphasis on rhythmic groove making, they’ve got you covered – plus melody. Tower is eight songs/thirty-nine-minutes, and the title-track, with lead vocals from drummer Jason Ward, go-crush guitar work from Cheryl Manner and Owen Burd and low-end force from Jon Case is just the very beginning of what’s on offer on the album that shares its name. And not just because it’s the first track, either. Whether it’s the proggy winding of ‘Waking Eye’ or the wistful guitar melody in ‘Innocent Murmur,’ the Jane’s Addiction-meets-Torche vibe of ‘Weightless’ or the spacier nuance in the early going of ‘Crawl To Corners,’ there’s more dynamic on display throughout Tower than, frankly, anyone bitching about how, ‘they don’t make bands like Band X anymore,’ probably deserves. Who gives a shit? They make bands like IRATA.”

Read more and view IRATA’s “Tower” video, shot and edited by Chris Parks, via The Obelisk at THIS LOCATION.

Tower is out now on CD, digital, and limited-edition vinyl formats. For orders, go to THIS LOCATION.

Since its 2007 genesis at the hands of founding members drummer Jason Ward and bassist Jon Case, IRATA has mutated restlessly, moving from its initial morphine-infused heavy fusion through math-y metal and finally to the soaring, technical heavy rock of its current approach. Over those dozen years, IRATA has made its presence known in metal and hard rock circles throughout the Southeast and beyond. Thanks to its growth from a trio with guitarist Cheryl Manner to a four-piece with the addition of guitarist Owen Burd, IRATA is evolving yet again.

With Burd’s talents on guitar, vocals, and trumpet added to what had already felt like a complete equation, IRATA is pushing itself to new vocal and instrumental heights. Accordingly, its upcoming LP Tower applies impressive musicianship and complex textures to increasingly approachable tunes that teeter between hard rock and prog-metal. It’s like the sports car version of Don Caballero. Fans of Jane’s Addiction, Mastodon, Kylesa, Helms Alee, Sandrider, All Them Witches, and King Buffalo, pay heed.

“The album, continues to display the quartet’s dizzying waft of scuzz while maintaining musical elements that also appeal to the great washed masses who grew up listening to math rock, pre-grunge indie rock and Black Sabbath.” — PopMatters

“This Greensboro, North Carolina crew certainly knows how to ride a fuzztone riff to and beyond its obvious conclusions to build a mood. The band has experimented with a number of styles before settling on its present one, which is something like Mastodon-meets-early Fu Manchu. It’s heavy, driving and full of interesting math rock flourishes and sounds really good super loud.” – Vancouver Sun

“From the opening riffs, so reminiscent of Torche and their saccharine approach to fuzz, to the big choruses, this track oozes cool and groove.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“There’s nothing quite as exciting as opening up an email from an unfamiliar band, falling in love with the artwork and finding that the music is not only every bit as good as you had hoped, but that it is, in fact, even better. Tower is, quite simply, an astounding album, drawing on a wide range of prog and metal influences to deliver an intelligent, exciting album that repays repeat listens thanks to the deftly textured arrangements. By turns crushingly heavy and ethereal, Tower is a remarkable album and comes very highly recommended indeed.” – Sonic Abuse

“…a thrilling, complex and brilliant album from start to finish.” – Outlaws Of The Sun

IRATA…show their penchant for bringing together intricate prog with crushing stoner riffing…Much more than just your normal stoner rock/metal album, Tower contains plenty of musical elements that cross a few different genres, and judging by this release, IRATA are going to be a band that I’d advise you to keep a close eye on for the foreseeable future.” – Sea Of Tranquility

IRATA have climbed to spectacularly dizzying heights with Tower.” – Cosmic Rock

IRATA create powerful, sludge tinged anthems. Early year end list contender.” – Inhale The Heavy

“…a prowling beast of a record, bristling with vigor yet remaining elusive with its capricious dynamics. IRATA have crafted a progressive heavy rocker that doesn’t overburden itself with complexity but surprises with its intensifying disposition.” – Crypt Guard

“…a fantastic record, one that is open, accessible and brings light, evolves and celebrates all that is good within the sound.” – Ninehertz