GORE: “Waste Taste” Live Video Premiered At Roadburn.com; Revanche LP By Reactivated Dutch Tech Metal Unit Out Now Through Exile On Mainstream

[photo by Teddie Taylor]

Dutch instrumental/technical metal trio GORE reunited last year, and earlier this year released their Revanche LP – a completely reworked, re-envisioned, and repackaged version of the band’s 1992-released Lifelong Deadline album. The record was released in conjunction with the band’s first live performances since the 1990s, with a tour which included performances at the label’s 20th Anniversary celebration and events, including a set at Roadburn.

By no means a new album, GORE‘s Revanche sees the original recordings of the entire album restructured and rebuilt to sound like a wholly different record, as it was originally intended. The final mixes were handled by Terry Date (Slayer, Pantera, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot) after which it was mastered by Howie Weinberg (Ramones, Nirvana, Rush, Beastie Boys). Revanche is not a 1:1 copy of Lifelong Deadline. It is a complete reworking; a reinterpretation of what it could have originally been, concluding twenty-seven years of unfinished business.

Now, a pro-filmed, multi-camera live video of GORE‘s “Waste Taste,” filmed during their performance at the Exile On Mainstream anniversary party at Roadburn, has been released, premiered through Roadburn’s official website. The video was filmed by Bert Lenssen, Rene Brunken, and Wim Wijnhoven, edited by Maikel Lammen and Rob Frey, and the audio mixed by Johan van Reede. This dense video showcases the reactivated band’s talent and potency in a dim and intimate setting.

Roadburn’s write-up proclaims, “After GORE‘s serious punch-in-the-face-reunion-performance at Roadburn 2019, we’re excited to share the live video for ‘Waste Taste’ below. A big, black instrumental ball of tension and release, ‘Waste Taste’ is taken from the band’s latest album, Revanche… Both Revanche – expertly mixed by Terry Date – and the reunion shows are elevating GORE‘s levels of intensity and frantic relentlessness to new, artistic heights – we couldn’t ask for more; welcome back, GORE!”

See GORE’s “Waste Taste” video at Roadburn.com at THIS LOCATION.

GORE‘s Revanche is available on LP bundled with a CD all digital platforms. Find preorders for the LP in the US at Earsplit Distro HERE and in Europe via Exile On Mainstream HERE, and if you missed it, see the video for “No Respect” at THIS LOCATION.

Now that they’ve returned to the public touring circuit, GORE plans on booking new tour dates across Europe and in North America, with new material under construction as well. Stand by for updates on the band to be issued in the months ahead.