Interview Alert: HEATHEN

Back by popular demand, vocalist David White of Bay Area thrash legends HEATHEN will be available for another round of phone interviews on Friday – March 5, 2010 from 3:00pm – 6:00pm EST in honor of the band’s recently released The Evolution Of Chaos full-length (Mascot Records) released in the US February 16th.
Interested parties should reply with two possible time slots and a contact number…

HEATHEN’s current lineup includes David White (vocals), Lee Altus (guitar; Exodus), Kragen Lum (guitar; Prototype), Jon Torres (bass; Angelwitch) and Darren Minter (drums).

“This is the album Metallica should have made after Master Of Puppets!” – Rock Hard

“For those who think that Machine Head and Trivium are the new standard in thrash, you need to listen to The Evolution Of Chaos for a true education in just how magnificently and broadly thrash metal can stretch over the entire landscape of metal”. – All Metal Resource

“Brilliant, near-perfect effort from HEATHEN and quite possibly the best album they have ever released.”
– Metal Reviews

“HEATHEN is stronger than ever and have written the great 2000s comeback album that so many other bands have failed at” – Metal Temple

“…this release takes you back to the spirit of the golden days of thrash better than a rocket-propelled time machine”. –
Hardrock Haven

“Thrash goodness at its finest…” – The Metal Crypt

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