A Message From THE BREATHING PROCESS Regarding Downloading

“We know that downloading is all the rage now a days; why pay for something that you can just have right? Money sucks these days, jobs suck, fuck the economy etc. What some of you may not know is that while downloading doesn’t really effect pop acts that sell 234230813520486… records like Linkin Park or Miley Cyrus, for bands at our level, it does so much more than take money away from us (which we don’t care much about).

Our last album we sold roughly 6,000 copies in stores, which was a lot more than we were expecting, but in order to get on one of those awesome agencies that will put us on tours at good sounding clubs with awesome bands, we have to sell at least 10,000 or so. Now after some research, we found around 11,000 downloads of our album from various torrent sites, which means if no one downloaded, we would’ve sold like 17,000 records, and would’ve gotten on great tours that would actually come to your cities instead of the small towns surrounding it. All that those agencies can see is the official soundscan that shows that we SOLD in STORES 6,000.

Politics in the band world are fucking bullshit, but we all kind of have to deal with it

So in closing to my long stupid rant, if you care about music and wish to see our band grow and continue on to make more records, BUY IT, downloading only makes our band grow weaker. And will make you grow incessantly long pubic hair that will NEVER GO AWAY!!

Drink Blood. — TBP”