INTERSTITIA: Cvlt Nation Premieres “Exosphere” Video; Ever Onward Ever Inward Debut Album Out Now Through Pax Aeternum

Instrumental ambient/electronic outfit INTERSTITIA – the solo project of one Graham Scala (Bleach Everything, Harmonic Cross) – released its debut full-length album, Ever Onward Ever Inward, through Pax Aeternum in July. Now, a psychedelic video for the album’s “Exosphere” track has been issued through a premiere hosted by Cvlt Nation.

The video for “Exosphere” was edited and directed by David Brenner using clips filmed by Graham Scala and Miles Gresham.

Scala offers, “Just as this album was a sharp departure from the approaches I’ve favored with previous projects, the process of making a video was a new one. My stepson and I hike regularly, and we found a spot to shoot footage in the mountains nearby where wild cows intermingle with rusted surveillance equipment in the middle of some of the most idyllic views that can be found in this country. The juxtaposition of sunny, open atmospheres with decaying metal towers and satellite dishes alongside Dave’s disorienting production seemed like a perfect complement to the sort of vibe I was aiming for with the album.”

Cvlt Nation writes with the video’s premiere, “Watching this video for INTERSTITIA‘s track “Exosphere” made me feel like I had entered one of my dreams. Everything is fuzzy but vibrant, I’m confused but I always know my purpose, and the sounds are disorienting but oddly comforting.”

Immerse yourself in INTERSTITIA’s “Exosphere” video at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Ever Onward Ever Inward is out now digitally through Pax Aeternum. Stream and order the record at Bandcamp HERE and Spotify HERE.

Asheville, North Carolina resident Graham Scala is a punk/hardcore lifer who plays with Harmonic Cross, Bleach Everything, and has previously played with Souvenirs Young America, Highness, Forensics, and many others over the past two decades or more.

Following the Sunreturn EP and “A Negative Peace” single, Ever Onward Ever Inward is the first proper full-length album from INTERSTITIA. Instrumental, electronic, and truly worldly in nature, the album is a cohesive piece sure to uplift the spirit and inspire productivity. With Scala handling all instruments, samples, noises, treatments, and manipulations, the record was mastered by Conway Jennings and completed with artwork by Dan Owen.