INTERSTITIA: Cvlt Nation Exclusively Streaming Hermes Slips The Trap; Second Album From Electronic Project Of Bleach Everything/US Christmas Member To See Release Friday Via Pax Aeternum

Cvlt Nation is now hosting an exclusive stream of Hermes Slips The Trap, the second album from instrumental electronic/ambient outfit INTERSTITIA, ahead of the record’s release through Pax Aeternum this Friday.

Asheville, North Carolina resident Graham Scala is a punk/hardcore lifer who plays with Harmonic Cross, Bleach Everything, Collapse Culture, Arepo, US Christmas, and more, with Souvenirs Young America, Highness, Forensics, and many other bands also featured on his resume which now spans more than two decades. Scala’s solo project INTERSTITIA is his first foray into the world of electronic music.

Boasting more than fifty minutes of music through six tracks, all sounds, art, mixing, and mastering for Hermes Slips The Trap was handled by INTERSTITIA creator Graham Scala, with conceptual inspiration from Lewis Hyde’s Trickster Makes This World and Brian Muraresku’s The Immortality Key.

“This album represents a reimagining of how I create solo material,” offers Scala. “Unlike previous INTERSTITIA releases on which I was pretty obsessive and meticulous with chord structures and rhythmic elements, this one relied more on granular synthesis processing and aleatoric destabilization. I wanted to make something less clean-sounding and more frayed around the edges, something with a lack of restraint more befitting the album’s conceptual elements that examine the ways that a decentralized, egalitarian ecstasy lies at the secret heart of humanity’s history. Borrowing transcendence from the gods has always been a messy process and messy processes require messy soundtracks.”

Cvlt Nation writes, “Right now, I feel like my mind is imprisoned in a beautiful state of sonic chaos that is being brought on by the new INTERSTITIA album entitled Hermes Slips The Trap. This music transcends boundaries to manifest its own world! We are super stoked to be sharing this groundbreaking record…”

Stream INTERSTITIA’s Hermes Slips The Trap first only through Cvlt Nation now at THIS LOCATION.

Digital imprint Pax Aeternum will release Hermes Slips The Trap this Friday, July 16th. Find preorders HERE.

Though previous efforts as INTERSTITIA saw Scala moving away from the more aggressive guitar-based music he’s made in favor of a more spacious, textural, electronic approach, his newest full-length Hermes Slips The Trap pushes that methodology to a bracing, intense, extreme in which radiant ambient synth textures are overlaid upon frantic, in-the-red breakbeats then shredded by disorienting psychotropic noise textures. Songs bend and contort in ever-mutating forms, leaving a product as frenetic and dizzying as it is ecstatic and expansive. Like Four Tet playing a Providence basement show or Blanck Mass on a Black Dice kick, Hermes Slips The Trap immerses the listener in an overwhelming sound world in which consonance and dissonance cling so tightly as to be indistinct from each other and ideas like genre seem quaint and inapplicable.

Watch for more from INTERSTITIA to post over the weeks ahead.