IMMORTAL BIRD: New Hymn From Chicago Blackened Death Thrash Trio Now Playing At Invisible Oranges; Preorders Available

With the official arrival of their debut EP, Akrasia, now less than two weeks away, Chicago blackened death thrash dealers, IMMORTAL BIRD, today offer up a taste of chaos with “Spitting Teeth.”

Notes Invisible Oranges of the hymn, “I suspect that most coverage of this band will play up the Thrawsunblat connection, but the two have little in common. IMMORTAL BIRD ditch the pretty pastoralism in favor of an inward-looking cosmopolitan ugliness that sometimes evokes a less-patient version of early Castevet. Opener ‘Spitting Teeth’ delivers their mélange at its best. Its ingredients: blurry, dissonant black metal fluttering; lots of nervy arpeggios; occasional stop-start trickery; dirty riffs played cleanly. Kurt Ballou’s HM2-free mix ironically spotlights guitarist Evan Berry’s performance more than [Rae] Amitay’s, but it’s not such a bad thing – his versatile playing carries the band’s charge.”

Hear the soundtrack to your greatest dental nightmares with “Spitting Teeth,” now streaming at Invisible Oranges RIGHT HERE.

Akrasia was recorded at Lo-Tech Laboratories this past Summer by unsung Windy City sound sorcerer Jeff Ziolo, mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Isis, High On Fire, Skeletonwitch) at Godcity Studio, mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, From Ashes Rise, Nails, All Pigs Must Die) at Audiosiege and spews forth four tracks of punishingly filthtified brutality. Led by the diseased vocal oscillations of Amitay, IMMORTAL BIRD is at once cosmic and tumultuous.

In a glowing review of Akrasia, Metal Insider boasts, “If this band wore corpse paint and called Oslo their home we wouldn’t be having any discussion about what genre they should be tossed into. This EP is more ‘black metal’ than the last Satyricon record… Sure there are other influences afoot. Doom, death metal, even a little thrash tossed in there for good measure. But those are really just garnishes to the main course. Picture the earliest output of bands like Dissection and the more recent offerings of bands like Belphegor or Vreid and that at least puts you in the ballpark…IMMORTAL BIRD is more than just a female vocalist or a female drummer. It’s three people who’ve come together, clearly with a lot of piss and vinegar in their collective systems, now creating the perfect outlet for release.” Destructive Music agrees, “A superb debut from Chicago’s newest extreme metal trio, a band who takes the best elements of death/thrash, add more than just a hint of darkness and finish their sound off with a raw black metal streak through its core and harness the pure vitriolic energy to produce four tracks of superb brutality 9/10!”

IMMORTAL BIRD took its perverted form when Amitay (Thrawsunblat) yearned to step out from behind the confines of her drum kit, write some riffs and scream. With those dreams in tow, she enlisted the help of longtime friend/guitarist Evan Berry (Wilderun, Replacire) and bassist John Picillo. With Amitay opting to handle the mic onstage (while tackling drums and vocals on their albums), Garry Naples (Novembers Doom, Kastasyde, Without Waves) was recruited to take on all live drumming duties.

Akrasia is set for release via Closed Casket Recordings on December 3rd. Preorder your copy today for a cool $4.50 at THIS LOCATION. Live rituals will be announced in the days to come. Stay tuned.