I KLATUS: Chicago Sludge/Doom Metal Trio To Release Targeted Full-Length Through Dead Sage In April

Chicago, Illinois-based esoteric sludge/doom metal trio I KLATUS presents their fourth full-length, Targeted, confirming the album for release through their own Dead Sage label in April.

I KLATUS is embodied by drummer Chris Wozniak (Lair Of The Minotaur, Earthen Grave), bassist John Bomher (Yakuza, Indian), and guitarist/vocalist/visual artist Tom Denney (renowned artist for Soilent Green, Kylesa, Weedeater, Black Cobra, Rwake, Samothrace, among countless others).

The entire concept of I KLATUS’ new album, Targeted, is about fear, addiction, and psychosis, confronting the self-obsessed fears often faced by those with mental health challenges such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Often, these unfortunate victims of their own minds are terrorized by unseen entities which cause them to turn to drugs and other strange behavior to cope with the daily horrors which plague them. An irrational fear of being followed, tracked, and hunted. Fear of being implanted with microchips while unconscious; injecting shadow entities into their nightmares; nightmares which bleed into daytime realities. The psychosis is infectious, affecting who you’re able to trust. Here, the band confronts the harsh reality that we’re face-to-face with when these kinds of struggles affect our loved ones, and we find ourselves in a position of needing to protect ourselves from these unseen forces which are very real to the victims of such maladies.

Mixed and mastered by John E. Bomher at Berwyn Recording, with layout/artwork by Tom Denney, Targeted also features guest performances by Alison Chesley aka Helen Money (cello on “Solstice Of Wind), Valentina Levchenko (vocals on “Solstice Of Wind”), Joseph Starita (violin, cello on “Shitback And Halfway Damned”), Patrick Hamilton (gongs, robots on “Opium Cyborg” and “Targeted”), and guest lyricist Michael McEvoy on “Dance With The Skulls In The Church.”

I KLATUS will release Targeted through the band’s own Dead Sage imprint on April 1st, digitally and in a limited run of cassettes. Stand by for preorders, audio previews, and more to be issued over the weeks ahead preceding its release.

Targeted Track Listing:
1. Solstice Of Wind
2. Shitback And Halfway Damned
3. Opium Cyborg
4. Dance With The Skulls In The Church
5. Targeted

I KLATUS began as a college basement noise project just after the twin towers fell. Like the blob, the project consumed other artists, digesting their talent. It slowly grew in scope, embellishing the fundamentals of musicianship rooted in sonic exploration with down-tuned guitars. The subtle frequencies, hums and grinding synthesizers have always reminded its members of the sounds of madness, the type of white noise that comes to mind through transcendental meditation. It is at the core of their beliefs that sonics are the foundation of the universe and by exploring the sounds of noise, they further delve into the expanse that is universal creation, and they challenge the listener to join them on the journey and find the songs within the sounds. This is the fundamental groundwork by which I KLATUS’ songs take root and find expansion; like a tree growing through the floorboards of an abandoned society. Noise in a very real sense is a type of deity in itself; one that they take a knee to and worship wholeheartedly.

Immediately on the heels of their 2017-released Nagual Sun album, I KLATUS went into seclusion the cold mountain town of Snoqualmie, Washington to write and record a follow-up. Fourteen sunless days went by and in stark contrast to the Summer-sun-filled experience of Los Angeles which inspired Nagual Sun, and the band forced themselves to write without any distractions from jobs or family, without any sunshine or warmth. Just cold rain and troll spirits.

Tom Denney – guitar, voice, noise
John E Bomher – bass, voice, noise
Chris Woznak – drums, voice