I AM: Texas Brutal Death Thrashers Unleash “The Primal Wave” Video; Eternal Steel Full-Length Out TODAY On MNRK Heavy

Photo by Kevyn Reece

Texas brutal death thrashers I AM today unleash a video for “The Primal Wave.” The latest bruiser comes off the band’s punishing Eternal Steel full-length, out TODAY on MNRK Heavy!

Brandishing a unique fusion of ferocious thrash and death metal like a weapon of mass destruction, I AM is purely no-nonsense in their patented “Texas Death” assault. Armed with riffs, speed, and overwhelming power, the band channels discontent and anger into empowering anthems, as likely to inspire a grueling workout as to incite the pit.

Tracks like “Iron Gate,” “Infernal Panther,” “Queen Incarnate,” and Eternal Steel’s title track are demonstrative of the diverse extremes on offer as menacing moods, blistering thrash, and crushing death collide all over the record. The lyrics harness the power of dark subject matter in ways that serve and inspire the listener. “The topic of ‘fear’ is addressed in [latest single] ‘The Primal Wave,’” notes vocalist Andrew Hileman, “but in a way where that fear is used to fuel you to overcome obstacles.”

Hileman further elaborates of the track, “If I could describe this song into a few words I’d use ‘furious power.’ It’s very unrelenting and in your face the whole time leaving an uneasy feeling. Getting with Kevyn [Reece] to make this video happen brought our vision of filth to life.”

View I AM’s “The Primal Wave” video, filmed and directed by Kevyn Reece, at THIS  LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released video for “The Iron Gate” at THIS LOCATION and “Surrender To The Blade” at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Randy Leboeuf (Kublai Khan, Sentinels, The Acacia Strain), Eternal Steel combines the onslaught of the band’s well-received Hard 2 Kill (2018) full-length with the primal bite of Life Through Torment (2017) into a singular statement of intent. The death n’ roll groove of Obituary, the street-smart violence of Cro-Mags, it all coalesces into something fresh, exciting, and distinctly I AM.

Eternal Steel is available NOW on CD, LP, cassette, and digitally. Order yours today at THIS LOCATION.

 “‘Surrender To The Blade’ offers a solid preview of what’s in store for I AM’s third full-length, a strapping mix of deathly growls, thrashy riffs, and a concussive rhythm section. Eternal Steel is pretty much everything the title and cover promise. And there’s a fucking three-headed black panther on the cover!” – Decibel Magazine

“…a big, gnarly and unrepentant metal album. I AM’s sound makes no attempts to reinvent the wheel. This is a bellicose and groovy hybrid of gritty death metal, savage thrash and deathcore dynamics, with just enough of a seething, southern twang to warrant a Pantera comparison or two.” – Blabbermouth

“This might be an overall faster record, but first single ‘The Iron Gate’ largely finds I AM exploring their slower, doomier side, with just a small dose of thrash peppered in… It’s a very heavy, very Texas, very promising first taste of the LP.” — BrooklynVegan

“…the perfect recipe of anger and aggression, dead center of the pit destruction, damn memorable songs, and not one bad track amidst the bunch.” – Nine Circles

“…straight, no frills, heavy, and brutal…” – Ghost Cult

Andrew Hileman – vocals
Tom Reyes – guitar
Chris Burgess – guitar
Erik Rodriguez – bass
Brandon Busa – drums