HYPOXIA: Metal Injection Premieres “Pathway To Charon” Video Filmed/Directed By Immolation’s Bob Vigna; Defiance Full-Length From NYC Death Metal Quintet Out Now On Selfmadegod Records

Metal Injection is hosting the exclusive video premiere for “Pathway To Charon” by New York City-based death metal quintet HYPOXIA, which saw release in February on Selfmadegod Records.

2024 sees HYPOXIA returning with several lineup changes since the prior record, now prepared to deploy their most merciless material to date with Defiance. The apocalyptic riffage and divebombing solos by guitarists Carlos Acboleda (Non Eternal, ex-Secrecy, ex-Aether) and new guitarist Ryan Moll (Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Azure Emote, Total Fucking Destruction) are constructed atop the earthmoving rhythm section of Carolina Perez (Castrator, ex-Aether) and new bassist Mike Poggione (Omnipotence, ex-Monstrosity, ex-Capharnaum), the relentless roars of Mike Hrubovcak (Azure Emote, Imperial Crystalline Entombment, ex-Monstrosity, ex-Vile) ripping their way through the savagery.

Recorded by HYPOXIA, Defiance was mixed and mastered by Noah Buchanan at Mercinary Studios (Midnight, Embalmer, Nunslaughter) and completed with cover art by Daemorph (The Black Dahlia Murder, Pyrexia, Avulsed).

The new video for “Pathway To Charon” was conceptualized by vocalist Mike Hrubovcak and filmed/directed by Bob Vigna of death metal legends Immolation.

Founding drummer Carolina Perez states, “It was so much fun to do the video and get together with the crew, we want to thank Jeff Blanchard from Lucky 13 for the accommodations as well as Jeremy Farfan for helping with lights and sound. Bob Vigna was able to capture Mike’s vision and concept; He delivered a powerful video with the aggression and darkness we were looking for.”

Vocalist Mike Hrubovcak reveals, “Crossing over the River Styx on your way to hell would make for a killer video we thought, plus it’s one of the better stand out tracks on the album, so choosing ‘Pathway To Charon’ was an easy decision. I also had a lot of fun dressing up as the Charon character and stumbling around blind in the dark surrounded by smoke and fog. It was a fun shoot for sure, and great to work with Bob from Immolation; he knew exactly what to do to bring everything together.”

Immolation’s Bob Vigna delcares, “It was a pleasure to work with HYPOXIA on this project, helping them bring their vision of Charon to life! ‘Pathway To Charon’ is a great tune with a powerful production, so with the clip I wanted to do my best to capture the energy of the band’s performance as well as creating a murky, cold and haunting atmosphere that fit the theme of the song. I appreciate HYPOXIA for giving me the opportunity and hope everyone enjoys it!”

Visit Metal Injection to watch HYPOXIA’s “Pathway To Charon” video first RIGHT HERE.

Defiance is available on CD and digital formats through the Selfmadegod Records webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. The album is also being pressed on vinyl and cassette; preorders will post shortly.

HYPOXIA was founded in 2008 by drummer Carolina Perez and guitarist Carlos Arboleda, primarily influenced by Sepultura, Death, Vader, Sinister, Suffocation, and other core acts of the death metal elite. Their first demo, The Purge, was released in 2011, followed by the Public Execution EP in 2013. Both releases caught the attention of the death metal underground, and the awareness magnified many times over through the release of their Despondent Death debut album, released in 2015 by Ultimate Massacre Productions, and its savage follow-up Abhorrent Disease, released in 2019 by Selfmadegod Records.

HYPOXIA is well known for their energetic and aggressive live shows. They have played many festivals and shows all over the country and South America including Soul Metalfest, Las Vegas Deathfest and Rock Al Parque 2018, sharing the stage with bands such as Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Dark Tranquillity, Dark Funeral, Diabolic, Obituary, Onslaught, Razor, Masacre, Embalmer, Exumer, Malevolent Creation, Derketa, and many more along the way.