HULL Announce Mini Spring Tour; Band To Level Austin At SXSW

Brooklyn sludge rock ministers HULL are pleased to announce another stretch of tour dates this Spring. The short but epic run will commence on March 7 in Long Branch, New Jersey. From there the band will forge their path towards Austin to pillage their way through another SXSW Music Conference.

Commented the band in a collective statement: “The fires of life boil our blood as we anticipate the rising of the moon. Sharpening our steel for the open road, the Earth’s tides overwhelm the coasts. With much doom, the salted sands part as tortured souls spread their heavy upon the cracked crust of our Mother. Brother and Sister traverse the scarred country side, elating the spirits of willing followers as the skies blacken with the sorrow that is expelled. Once again, packed neatly in their battered vessel, HULL burn this candle of life and light the roadside within the depths of night. Accompanied by true warriors upon the first leg are Black Tusk, Royal Thunder and East Of The Wall. Raise your fists in revelry. Stand side by side as we carve deep into the soil of this turbulent wasteland.”

HULL Tour 2012:
3/07/2012 Brighton Bar – Long Branch, NJ
3/08/2012 Annabells – Akron, OH
3/09/2012 Ultra Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, East Of The Wall
3/10/2012 I Rock – Detroit, MI w/ Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, East Of The Wall
3/11/2012 Camelot Arena – Portage, IN w/ Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, East Of The Wall
3/12/2012 Fubar – St. Louis, MO w/ Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, East Of The Wall
3/13/2012 Stone Pony – Fayetteville, AR w/ Black Tusk, Royal Thunder, East Of The Wall
3/15/2012 SXSW Red Seven – Austin, TX
3/17/2012 SXSW Triple Crown Tattoo – Austin, TX
3/18/2012 The Lion’s Den – Denton, TX w/ Mutilation Rites
3/19/2012 Queen City Hall – Dallas, TX w/ Nachtmystium/Alcest/The Atlas Moth/Bruce Lamont
3/20/2012 Downtown Music – Little Rock, AK w/ Mutilation Rites
3/21/2012 Café CoCo – Nashville, TN w/ Mutilation Rites
3/22/2012 TBA – Richmond, VA w/ Mutilation Rites
3/23/3012 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Mutilation Rites, Batillus, Trenchgrinder

HULL continues to tour in support of their monolithic Beyond The Lightless Sky full-length released via The End Records last fall. Called “…a concept album for the ages, ” by Metal Army America Beyond The Lightless Sky features guest appearances by vocalist Jarboe, keys/ambiance by Fade Kainer (Batillus/Jarboe/Inswarm ) and continues to reap critical acclaim internationally for its delicate balance of staggering heaviness and poetic grace. Exclaim hailed the band saying: “HULL have made something immense and nimble, ponderous and powerful,” while CMJ noted of the triple guitar sound in particular, “they’re downright elegant at times, a fantastic contrast to the otherwise intense soundscape.” The Obelisk called the band “crushingly heavy in a cerebral sense,” adding that “HULL have come into their own and not only join the ranks of forward-thinking American metallers, but position themselves at the front of the pack with a few moments of unabashed, unashamed modern metal,” and The Village Voice (NYC) commended the band’s seamless versatility: “[Beyond The Lightless Sky] veers between motorcycle-revving D-beat, bog-trawling doom, sinister black metal, Neurosis drum-offs and hypnotic passages that gnash like a venom-dripping cousin to the final Isis album.” Pop Matters agreed calling Beyond The Lightless Sky: a determined and significant release, and one thoroughly deserving of a lot more visibility in the realms of heaving, epic metal.”

In related news, HULL appeared on The Learning Channel’s Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker last month. The Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker is a TLC series hosted by Buddy Valastro, the star of his own reality series, Cake Boss. The show features contestants participating in challenges that test their baking and decorating skills. View footage from the performance at THIS LOCATION.

“The balance is still there between traditional ebbing post rock builds and hues and epic mountainous crescendos, but when HULL put their foot on the pedal its much more gravel than sludge.” – Teeth Of The Divine/ Album Of The Day

“They do have the sludge/post-metal spine, and that’s important, but their willingness to bloom beyond is what should keep HULL special and relevant well into the future.” – Metal Maniacs

“There is a fantastic amount of riffs you’re going to want to repeatedly hear on this record. Couple that with some guitar solos that come out of nowhere and fit like gloves with the album’s songwriting and its layered vocal approach, and you’ve got a hell of a ride.” – Slug

“…one damn fine record.” – Doomantia

“…the best stoner/psych/doom releases of 2011.” – Holy Grail From Hell

HULL twisted heads off at South by Southwest sampling the band’s moody, doomy, sometimes boisterous post-rock debut, 2009’s Sole Lord, best defined by its three titles: ‘Endless Obsidian Abyss,’ ‘Wrath of the Sands,’ and ‘Born From Flesh and Stone.’ Everything’s doubly so for the Brooklyn fivepiece the second time around – longer (11-minute opener ‘Earth From Water’), heavier (the title track), subtler (‘Just a Trace of Early Dawn’) – coming together on 10-minute centerpiece ‘Fire Vein,’ sandblasted desert folk.” – The Austin Chronicle

“The band describe their sound as a collision of thrash, doom, classic rock and formal orchestral works’, this New York five piece have put together a very special collection on this album and it is something that grows on you with each listen as you find something new hidden away in the carefully constructed noise. With more experimental metal currently being lauded by the press, there is a definitely a chance for a band like HULL to break through, and on this form, they are highly deserving of that chance.” – Alternative Matter