HULDER To Headline Decibel Magazine Tour Beginning Tomorrow + New Pacific Northwest Shows Announced; Acclaimed Verses In Oath LP Out Now On 20 Buck Spin

photos by by Liana Rakijian

Pacific Northwestern US black metal outfit HULDER will begin their most extensive tour to date tomorrow, as headliners of the Decibel Magazine Tour 2024. The nearly month-long venture will run from February 21st through March 18th, with support from Devil Master, Necrofier, and labelmates Worm.

HULDER graced the cover Decibel Magazine for the second time, appearing on the February 2024

issue alongside the other bands taking part in the latest installment of the magazine’s annual national tour, which is now upon us. The Decibel Magazine Tour 2024 is presented by 20 Buck Spin and sponsored by Pull The Plug Patches, Relapse Records, Night Shift Merch, Hell’s Heroes, and Magnanimous Brewing.

Additionally, HULDER today announces several new performances in late March. The Forests Of Aeternity Pacific Northwest Tour MMXXIV will see HULDER and labelmates Worm playing Portland March 29th and Seattle March 30th, with a live video shoot happening March 31st at a currently undisclosed location. See all dates below and stand by for updates to post shortly.

HULDER Tour Dates:
The Decibel Magazine Tour 2024 w/ Worm, Devil Master, Necrofier [TICKETS]:
2/21/2024 Goldfield Trading Post — Roseville, CA
2/22/2024 Thee Stork Club — Oakland, CA
2/23/2024 Echoplex — Los Angeles, CA
2/24/2024 Brick by Brick — San Diego, CA
2/25/2024 The Nile — Mesa, AZ
2/27/2024 Empire Control Room — Austin, TX
2/28/2024 Trees — Dallas, TX
3/01/2024 The Masquerade — Atlanta, GA
3/02/2024 The Abbey — Orlando, FL
3/03/2024 Gramps — Miami, FL
3/05/2024 Hangar 1819 — Greensboro, NC
3/06/2024 Baltimore Soundstage — Baltimore, MD
3/08/2024 Underground Arts — Philadelphia, PA
3/09/2024 Brooklyn Monarch — Brooklyn, NY
3/10/2024 The Middle East — Boston, MA
3/12/2024 Preserving Underground — Pittsburgh, PA
3/13/2024 Grog Shop — Cleveland, OH
3/14/2024 Magic Stick — Detroit, MI
3/15/2024 Reggies — Chicago, IL
3/16/2024 Red Flag — St. Louis, MO
3/17/2024 The Bottleneck — Lawrence, KS
3/18/2024 HQ — Denver, CO
Forests Of Aeternity Pacific Northwest Tour MMXXIV w/ Worm:
3/29/2024 Dante’s — Portland, OR
3/30/2024 Substation — Seattle, WA
3/31/2024 Live Video Shoot TBA

HULDER is touring in support of their acclaimed second album, Verses In Oath, which was released in early February on 20 Buck Spin. The hauntingly grandiose Verses In Oath, created during the dreariest cold months of the Northwest Winter, constitutes the most majestic, untamed manifestation thus far in the band’s journey of conquest, as new territory is put to flame and conquered by sword and shield. The result is both unsparingly savage and wistfully evocative; black blood on white snow. The ancient sorrow-filled melancholy and seething spirit that are the essence of “Hearken The End” permeate the entire album, by now a fundamental detail in HULDER’s identity where roots run deep in long forgotten soil. And whilst the slashing cruelty and torn flesh of “Vessel Of Suffering” and “Enchanted Steel” embrace a predatory barbarism, it is the joining of all those elements that places Verses In Oath in the timeless pantheon of black metal’s most strident lineage.

While black metal has evolved into myriad offshoots and subgenres to the point of incomprehension, HULDER is resolutely steeped in the genre’s destructive preeminence, rituals, and traditions, carrying the torch of its origins and heritage. And still Verses In Oath astonishes with the malevolent spirit of creative autonomy and individual freedom essential to reach the genre’s exalted heights.

Verses In Oath was tracked by HULDER in the Northwest – the drums recorded at The Underworld Studios and all other audio recorded at De Pestkerk Studios – and the mix and master were entrusted to cult legend Ahti Kortelainen of Tico Tico Studios in Finland, whose overwhelming list of credits stretch back decades to include Barathrum, Belial, Impaled Nazarene, and Moonsorrow, among countless others. The record was completed with photography by Liana Rakijian, illustrations by Mfaxii, logo by D. Andersson, and layout by Dan Fried.

Verses In Oath is out now on LP, CD, MC, and digital platforms everywhere including the 20 Buck Spin webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE. Also watch the “Hearken The End” video HERE.

“There is a newfound poise, a resolute force, at the heart of HULDER’s new LP; it is equally nostalgic and forward–searching. The way this evolving phenom conveys emotion – from rage to sorrow – and does so through time–tested combinations of throttling raw riffs, blast–surges, mournful keys, and inhuman growls while still sounding singular, is a truly striking achievement.” 9/10” – Decibel Magazine

“The guitars are gnashing, the drums are positively battering, the vocals are hellacious, but there’s a primitive medieval synth drone deep in the back of the mix that adds density and texture to the aural assault.” – Revolver Magazine

“It shows a good mix of tempos and moods, and allows multiple instruments to shine in their own way. Like HULDER’s amazing debut, Godlastering, it has aggression, atmosphere, mystery, and malevolence – all in equal measure. Believe the hype, it will be difficult to top this album for black metal in 2024. 9/10″ – Metal Injection

“This is definitely recommended listening for anyone who calls themself a fan of the genre, and while HULDER has always been impressive, this album outdoes their past work. 4.5/5″ – MetalSucks

“She’s chasing a perceived darkness borne from the spirit of her forebearers, nostalgia, and the physical world. This darkness isn’t evil, and, much like nature, is beyond morals. It’s not terrifying, but its might is to be treated with respect and admiration.” – Invisible Oranges

“…Verses In Oath will be the album that silences the haters and brings HULDER into a bright future.” – Nine Circles

HULDER exemplifies what makes black metal great without ever being derivative. Surely, they own all the best albums and have all the right influences, but all this knowledge has been distilled into a creation that is all their own. Verses In Oath is a huge step forward for an already promising band.” – No Clean Singing

HULDER’s songs are so well–written here, and the album is so well–constructed that any black metal fan will find something that fulfills that yearning for sonic melancholy. Holistically, Verses In Oath is a black metal album for fans of yesteryear and now. It’s a dark, captivating medieval journey worth embarking on. To put it bluntly, HULDER is a great band, and Verses… is a great album—the project’s most profound effort yet.” – Last Rites

HULDER has delivered an outstanding record that is making an admittedly early play for my album of the year. 4.5/5″ – Angry Metal Guy

“There is so much to love about this straightforward black metal that repeat listens are mandatory. HULDER continues her ascent into black metal stardom with aplomb, and though the year is still young, it will take an act of Satan to keep this album off year end lists.” – Everything Is Noise

“This is a wintry beast raging toward you, a record that is steeped in black metal tradition but also forges a blazing path toward the future. This is a coming–out celebration of a record, a portrait of a band that held and showed incredible power and promise and have put it all together seamlessly on their amazing second record.” – Meat Mead Metal