HORSEWHIP: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Aver” As Self-Titled LP Nears Release Via Financial Ruin; Band Formed By Members Of Reversal Of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, And More

[photo by Matt Valler]

Cvlt Nation is now streaming “Aver,” the lead track to the eponymous debut from Florida’s HORSEWHIP, founded by members of Reversal Of Man, Early Grace, Combatwoundedveteran, Order Of Importance, Sutek Conspiracy, and more. The song has been sanctioned for public consumption just over a week out from Horsewhip‘s release through Financial Ruin next Friday, September 14th.

HORSEWHIP delivers a dose of crusty, gnarled, noise-drenched hardcore anthems. The densely-packed Horsewhip 12″ unloads seven tracks in eighteen minutes, an album fans of His Hero Is Gone, Cursed, Acrid, Pg.99, Orchid, Reversal Of Man, and Combatwoundedveteran should not miss. Horsewhip was recorded at Rock Garden Studio by Dan Byers, mixed by Jeremy SH Griffith at Printups Studio, and finished with cover art by Richard Minino and graphic design by Shaun Drees.

With their debut of “Aver,” Cvlt Nation reviews Horsewhip, declaring, “For those who remember the apocalyptic tension of an impending thing Y2K, the underground sounds of the era might seem underrepresented, but HORSEWHIP is here to remedy the situation.”

HORSEWHIP vocalist Mike Grantham calls the song, “A nihilistic view of the end of earth. About a desire to see it laid to waste. To watch our beliefs fade into the air without any sympathy.”

Unleash HORSEWHIP’s “Aver” at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Horsewhip will see release on all digital platforms and 12″ orange vinyl limited to 300 copies on September 14th through Financial Ruin with exclusive distribution through Dead Tank Records. Find digital preorders and stream “Spill” and “Funeral Circus” HERE and find vinyl preorders HERE.

Having played heavily throughout Florida over the past year including shows with Portrayal Of Guilt earlier this year, HORSEWHIP is booking new gigs around the release of the album including a release show for the 12″ in Tampa on October 6th. The band will also perform at this year’s installment of The Fest in Gainesville featuring more than four hundred bands across twenty venues October 26th through 28th. A new show has been booked in Orlando for November 16th, and the band was the first band to be announced for this year’s installment of WVRM Fest in Jacksonville in December. Live updates are to be expected regularly.

10/06/2018 American Legion Seminole Heights – Tampa, FL w/ Yashira, Reality Asylum, Sentries [info]
10/26-28/2018 The Fest – Gainesville, FL [info]
11/16/2018 Lou’s – Orlando, FL w/ Thunderclap, Gillian Carter, Flying Limbs, Forms [info]
12/07/2018 WVRM Fest – Jacksonville, FL [info]

HORSEWHIP reunites some early actors of the 1990s DIY hardcore scene for a now seasoned and less scrawny approach to the purging of stresses by way of dense guitar savagery, howling throat winds, unpleasant bass abuse, and the pounding drums of a grizzly attack. It’s a somewhat familiar sound filtered through twenty-plus subsequent years of American life and a heavy dose of Floridian swamp dread. It’s thick and it’s heavy. Four unshaven men having a go at it. This is a union of Medicine and Uranus.