HONDURAN’s Gnarly Noise Plunders Thee Interwebs Via Pitchfork

As the delinquents in Portland’s HONDURAN prep their new LP, Street Eagles, for release next week, today Pitchfork draws more attention to the whole debacle by premiering a gnarly new number from the opus. Bludgeoning their respective instruments like drugged-up gorillas attacking oversized speedbags and resulting in the sound of a condemned nuclear power plant being razed by a crew of drunken grenadiers, the HONDURAN trio’s pummeling dirge of filthy, noise-molested powerviolence is exemplified with the grace of battleship bumper cars with the petulant title track to the pending LP.

If that didn’t sell you on hearing this thing, nothing will. Just fill a brown bag or huff whatever is your pleasure and get some “Street Eagles” AT THIS LOCATION.

Additionally, Cvlt Nation recently gave us a reason to be a good “Shitizen” with that track HERE.

Portland-based D.I.Y. outsider label Eolian Empire will soil your drawers this Tuesday, July 30th when they drop Street Eagles via 180-gram vinyl and digital download. Street Eagles is a dark, dangerous trip through Rip City: a labyrinth of blasted beats, chunked-up chug-a-lugs, and warrior cries with nary a solo in sight; all meat and bone. The recording by Fester (Rabbits, Nux Vomica, Knelt Rote) at Haywire Studios in Portland captures HONDURAN clear, heavy, and sick like never before. Experience a brutal, sonic bludgeoning in all its fine detail! Riff after riff of palm-muted madness and finger-clicking bass over a volatile bed of beats both lightning fast and super slow from three twisted technicians way down in the frontline trenches. Preorders for this calamity just went live; GET SOME HERE.

HONDURAN will be raiding bars, house shows and wooded areas among the humans throughout the Pacific Northwest over the next two weeks, kicking off a tour tomorrow in Port Townsend, Washington, followed by gigs across Washington and British Columbia. Following their disheveled return to Portland they’ll get their local horde hammered with a Street Eagles release show on August 15th with Vohl and Atriarch. More live actions are forthcoming.

7/26/2013 Coo Coo Nest – Port Townsend, WA w/ Wilt, Endorphins Lost
7/27/2013 Best Friends Only Fest – Sequim, WA w/ Mass Grave, Sixbrewbantha, Don Peyote, Cron
7/28/2013 TBA – Vancouver, BC w/ Osk, Obacha, Subsist
7/29/2013 4th Ave House – Squamish, BC w/ Obacha, Shooting Spree
7/30/2013 a bar or in the woods, TBA – Kamloops, BC
7/31/2013 Roots – Yakima, WA
8/01/2013 The Dwell Hole – Tacoma, WA w/ Cascabel, The Drip, Of Feather And Bone, Into The Storm, Czar
8/02/2013 The Kraken – Seattle, WA w/ Cerebral Cortez, Sciatica
8/15/2013 Rotture – Portland, OR w/ Vohl, Atriarch (Street Eagles record release)

“…Racing and breaking powerviolence collides with down-tempo metal, while mathematical shifts interconnect passages of uncomplicated blitz.” – Pitchfork

“…a powerviolence three-piece that create a whirlwind of noise…” – Portland Mercury

“…relentless and fierce, a mixture of sounds stemming from hardcore, grind, and noiserock…” – Sea of Tranquility

“…Honduran goes a bit further than your average genre act, adding in some sections that are just a little bit slower and have a crunchier old school hardcore vibe mixed in with the off-kilter vibe of noise rock… each of the eleven songs manages to have some type of distinctive riff.” – Cosmos Gaming