HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL: Selfmadegod Records To Release Sixth Album From Portuguese Grind Icons, Crueza Ferina; Decibel Magazine Premieres “Êxodo Mortuoso” Featuring Bob Vigna Of Immolation

photos by Pedro Almeida

Selfmadegod Records is preparing to assault the masses with Crueza Ferina, the sixth studio full-length from Portugal’s brutal death/grind outfit, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL. The album’s details have been issued alongside preorders and the lead single, “Êxodo Mortuoso” – which features a guest guitar solo by Bob Vigna of Immolation – through an exclusive premiere at Decibel Magazine.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL is unanimously considered to be one of the most unique and well known Portuguese extreme bands. Crueza Ferina delivers nineteen tracks of brutal death metal/grindcore at its best. Produced and engineered by João Ribeiro, Crueza Ferina’s drums were recorded at Rec’n’Roll Studios, the guitars and bass were recorded at 808 Studios, and the vocals were recorded at Estúdio 55. The album was mixed by João Ribeiro at Estúdio 55, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, Obituary, Necrot, Torche, Ulcerate), with photography by Rui Pires as the cover artwork.

Bassist Z. Pedro writes with the “Êxodo Mortuoso” premiere, “This is the first song of the album and actually one of the first to be written. It is a perfect blend of what you will find in this new album: grinding brutality, groovy sequences, and punkish beats. It was also amazing to count with the contribution of our friend Bob Vigna from Immolation who played an astonishing solo on this track.”

With their exclusive premiere of “Êxodo Mortuoso,” Decibel declares the track, “a two-minute-plus ripper with a strong Celtic Frost influence, loads of D-beat aggression and a contrastingly melodic solo from Immolation’s Bob Vigna.”

Experience HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL’s ripping “Êxodo Mortuoso,” featuring Bob Vigna of Immolation, first at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Crueza Ferina will see release on CD and digital platforms via Selfmadegod Records on May 27th. Find preorders HERE.

Watch for additional audio precursors from the album to post over the weeks ahead.

Hailing from Porto, Portugal, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL has been a force to be reckoned with since 1997. The band has travelled through more European countries that you can think of and crossed the Atlantic for extensive tours in Brazil and the USA. The audience span reaches the depths of the most obscure venues to the highlights of mainstream art exhibitions and national TV in a unique case of success, longevity, notoriety, and proficiency in extreme music and performances.

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL has been featured in eight television reports about extreme music, broadcasted in prime time by ten different TV stations, a unique case concerning extreme music from Portugal, besides being also the only metal band that had been featured in an episode of Big Brother.

The band is very active on the live front, having performed at many major festivals and tours including Fuck The Commerce twice, Obscene Extreme, Party.San Open Air, Deathfeast Open Air, Caos Emergente four times, Fekal Party, SWR Fest three times, Antitrend Bizarre Leprous, Eaten Alive, Confessions of Grindcore, Sangue, Suor e Grind Tour, United States of Gore Tour, Netherlands Deathfest, Neurotic Deathfest, New York Deathfest, Las Vegas Deathfest, and much more. Expect to see new live dates from the band posting throughout the year.

Crueza Ferina Track Listing:
1. Ad Bizarrem Morem
2. Êxodo Mortuoso
3. Epicédio Madrigaz
4. Sinaxe do Sepúlcro Tafófobo
5. Ancestrais Ritos Hipóxicos
6. Apresto Executório
7. Aniquilação Suídea
8. Ávida Tragação
9. Congregação da Flama Felídea
10. Psicótico Interlúdio
11. Anátemas Nefandos
12. Esquartejado em Segundos
13. Prenúncios da Vingança Cavicórnea
14. Suprema Dominância Taurina
15. Campas do Negro Breu
16. Girândolas da Agonia Profunda
17. Miasmas Onanizantes
18. Quérulo dos Finados
19. Sortilégio da Perversão

Orca – vocals
António C. – guitars
Z. Pedro – bass
Diogo P. – drums