HEARTLESS: Track From Upcoming Southern Lord Debut Streaming At Stereokiller

A brand new track from Hell Is Other People, the debut full-length from Pittsburgh-based hardcore squad HEARTLESS, is now live for your auditory abuse, courtesy of Stereokiller. The second track from the album, “Resuscitate/Suffocate” is a prime example of HEARTLESS‘ ultra-brutalizing musical nature; purely hateful aggression as displayed through pummeling, morose, low-end/high-speed riffage.

Unleash “Resuscitate/Suffocate” RIGHT HERE.

Pittsburgh hardcore warriors HEARTLESS will drop their debut full-length Hell Is Other People via Southern Lord debut on November 8th with an LP pressing to follow shortly after. HEARTLESS‘ sound is exactly what their moniker implies; brutal, suffocating, and void of remorse. Bellowing with sinister, mayhem that diehards of metallic hardcore in the vein of Integrity, Cursed or Nails, rushing with crust/powerviolence intensity. Hell Is Other People propels thirteen intense tracks at the listener in barely twenty-one minutes, and bears bleak cover art under the creation of Brian D’Agosta of Gostworks.

Hell Is Other People Track Listing:
1. Clean Slate
2. Resuscitate/Suffocate
3. Cede
4. Late
5. Undulations
6. Tight Grip
7. Deject
8. Pathogen
9. Out of Focus
10. Cast Down
11. Blinders
12. Cop Out
13. Hard Feelings

HEARTLESS are preparing to hit the road with cohorts Full Of Hell this Autumn/Winter in support of the album, so be prepared for updates on the album and tour in the coming weeks.