HEADS.: Noise Rock/Post-Punk Trio To Release Collider Full-Length Via Corpse Flower Records This May; New Tracks Streaming

“Collider proves HEADS. to be masters at bending noise into narrative and heavy riffing into images of vast wastelands. Collider is art rock meeting sludge in a carefully arranged interplay of grave digging and marble sculpting. A bleak redefinition of heartland rock that’s situated on the verge of the savage and the sophisticated.” — Arctic Drones

German-Australian noise rock/post-punk unit HEADS. will release their second full-length, Collider, via Corpse Flower Records this May.

With Collider, the trio manages to evade all the pitfalls of the proverbial sophomore slump. These ten songs carry an atmosphere of restrained anger and maturity, capturing a somber narrative that continues to resonate and leave the listener pondering. Collider listens like a trudge through inhospitable badlands with each song starting as if it was always there, and you just walk into the music at hearing distance.

Having members spread out over the globe, the HEADS. collective adjusted their writing and recording process to accommodate work schedules and extended family visits. On top of this, Collider features a string of guest musicians who infuse the record with extra fresh sounds. Kevin Whitley (Cherubs) joins the band on “Smile,” while Luc Hess (Kunz, Closet Disco Queen, ex-The Ocean) lends his incredible drumming to “Youth” and “To Call And Let It Ring.” Emilie Zoë (solo, Autisti) and Fabian Bremer (Radare) bring the haunting qualities of their musicianship to “Wolves At The Door.” All of this is held together by an impeccable mix and mastering of the one and only Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna). Fans of Bitch Magnet, Slint, The Melvins, Codeine, and The Jesus Lizard pay heed.

HEADS.’ Collider will see release in North America digitally and on limited edition vinyl via Corpse Flower Records on May 4th. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION.


Collider Track Listing:
1. At The Coast
2. Urges
3. Last Gasp Shout
4. Mannequin
5. Smile
6. Wolves At The Door
7. Samsa
8. To Call And Let It Ring
9. Collider
10. Youth

Ed Fraser – guitar, vocals
Chris Breuer – bass
Peter Voigtmann – drums