GRUESOME: Schuldiner-Hailing Supergroup Launches New Lyric Video For Namesake Track + Death Cover Revealed

[photo by Niuvis Martin]

Death-adoring metal collective, GRUESOME, continues to floor the masses with their Schuldiner salutes, this time with a lyric video for their namesake track as well as a pulverizing cover of Death’s “Land Of No Return” (from Scream Bloody Gore).

Both tunes come via the band’s critically-lauded Savage Land full-length with “Land Of No Return” featuring on the deluxe digital edition of the offering. Boasting a powerhouse cast of characters with members of Exhumed, Possessed, Malevolent Creation and Derketa, GRUESOME pays its respects to death metal’s most celebrated founding American acts, Death, in a way that’s at once familiar but refreshing; an addictively punishing exhibition of late-’80s/early-’90s Florida-styled death metal that keeps the true sound and spirit of Chuck Schuldiner alive and well.

In an 8/10 review, Decibel crowns Savage Land, “less an exercise in nostalgia than a perfect reconstruction of a lost world.” “This isn’t your crusty, nasty, run-of-the-mill retro death metal,” adds Metal Injection, “Hell no. This is the advanced, dripping-rot-from-the-corners-of-a-coffin, putrid, vile death metal throwback that you’ve been waiting for.” Exclaim agrees noting in an 8/10 review, “The enthusiasm alone on Savage Land is awe-inspiring. This is a fun romp through the rehearsal space of a bunch of longhairs who love a band so much it hurts.” “From this nod to the past comes a fertile energy that raises the excitement levels of the music,” boasts in a 4/5 rating, furthering, “Each song is charged up, never falling victim to parody. Though it’s not on par with being proclaimed as an unreleased Death record, the musicians involved are passionate enough to write songs that pay tribute without being a direct copy.” In an 8.5/10 score, Metal Forces reasons, “Maybe it’s because the scene has become polluted by that all too glossy set of dynamics and our undying need for those vintage glories rises. Then again though, it could simply be down to the fact that GRUESOME has crafted a very good, solid death metal record that will have you screaming through bloody, gore-soaked vocal chords.” PureGrainAudio hails, “eight slices of gruesome death metal [that] most definitely hit the mark,” while New Noise champions the band’s, “injection of a sound’s legacy… done with severe respect and savage intensity.”

The lyric video accompaniment to closing track, “Gruesome,” is currently clawing its way through the eyes and ears of No Clean Singing, visitors, who issues of the tune, “Everything about this song suits both its name and the band’s name, from Matt Harvey’s first protracted howl to the grisly aura cast by the morbid riffs and the shrieking guitar solos (which are hot enough to singe your eyebrows). But the song is as much a hard-charging romp as it is a manifestation of oozing putrescence. And as has been said by many others already, you have to feel that it would put a proud smile on Chuck Schuldiner’s face.”

Check it out HERE.

Additionally, you can feast your ears on GRUESOME’s cover of “Land Of No Return,” via Relapse’s latest podcast at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, you can still delight in the gore, nudity and violence of the band’s unrepentantly brutal NSFW video clip for “Savage Land” still playing at Bloody Disgusting at THIS LOCATION as well as a very special reconfiguration of Slayer’s “Black Magic,” currently streaming at Metal Injection at THIS LOCATION.

GRUESOME was borne out of guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and drummer Gus Rios’ (Malevolent Creation) mutual involvement with the Death To All tours. After discarding the idea of putting together another incarnation of DTA to focus exclusively on Death’s first two albums, Harvey half-jokingly suggested writing their own songs in that vein. The idea gained traction and Rios later recruited Possessed guitarist Daniel Gonzalez and Derketa bassist Robin Mazen to record the material in Florida. Savage Land was tracked by Rios and Gonzalez at Riversound Studios in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, mixed by Jarrett Pritchard at Mana Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida, and features a guest guitar solo on “Closed Casket” by James Murphy as well as cover art by legendary illustrator Ed Repka (Death, Megadeth, Massacre, Athiest et el).

Savage Land is out now via Relapse Records on CD, LP and all digital outlets. Physical orders are available now at THIS LOCATION, and digital orders HERE.

“…just so goddamned fun.” – MetalSucks