GRIME: Entire Circle Of Molesters Playing At Terrorizer Magazine; Sophomore LP Out Now As Maiden Release For Argento Records

[photo by Paolo Podzinkova]

Circle Of Molesters, the second LP by Italian sludge mongrels GRIME, has just been released as the maiden title from Argento Records, and the low-end scourge of the album can now be experienced in its entirety to the deserving human plague courtesy of Terrorizer Magazine.

Enlisting the recording and mixing work of sound engineer Lorenzo Stecconi (Ufomammut, Amen Ra, Zu) and mastering duties of Brad Boatright (Sleep, Corrosion Of Conformity, Nails) at Audiosiege, GRIME‘s most sincerely grueling work is captured in perfect disharmony on the follow-up to the band’s 2013-released debut LP, Deteriorate, the grotesque wrap-around cover artwork and layout of Circle Of Molesters aptly handled by Jason Barnett / Cursed Death.

Decibel Magazine broke the first track on Circle Of Molesters, offering, “It took this long for somebody to launch a metal label called Argento? Fuck it. Better late than never. Time to break the champagne bottle with Suspiria-licious Italo-sludge up-and-comers GRIME… the hammering, repetitive slab of, well… grime that you didn’t know you desperately needed until right fucking now.” Cvlt Nation’s second premiere praised the band’s destruction once again, issuing, “I know for a fact that this album is going to end up on our Top 6 Sludge releases of 2015, because it’s a fucking BEAST that has highly addictive qualities about it! This is the debut release for Argento Records, founded by Michael Bertoldini (The Secret) and Clio Leeuwenburgh (Headspin Records), and I must say I’m very impressed with their first offering.” Terrorizer Magazine says Circle Of Molesters is, “a disgusting great slab of sludge that draws from Grief’s thick, tar-like wall of sound, Noothgrush’s penchant for giant riffs and the twisted, unsettling atmosphere of bands like Lord Mantis. It’s a particularly potent concoction that’s sure to please any fans of slow, malevolent filth – although you’ll probably feel like taking a shower afterwards…” And in a recent interview with the band just posted at American Aftermath, issuing of Circle Of Molesters‘ depraved aural attack, “The new release captures a more mature take on GRIME‘s corrosive, groove-filled sludge sound that is exceptionally gritty, bleak and depressive.”

GRIME’s thunderous new album is now out to fuck your day up courtesy of Terrorizer Magazine who is streaming the putrid slab of wax RIGHT HERE.

GRIME‘s Circle Of Molesters is the first release from Amsterdam-based Argento Records — the label founded by Michael Bertoldini of Italian blackened hardcore outfit, The Secret, and Clio Leeuwenburgh of Headspin Records. The album is now available on 180-gram LP — 200 on black, 150 on red, and 150 on clear/smoke — in a full-color gatefold with lyric insert. Pick it up in Europe HERE and the rest of the planet HERE or through most digital outlets.

Stand by for GRIME tour dates and more on the band in the coming days.

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