GRIDFAILURE: “Never Was” Playing At Svbterranean As I Shall Not Survive Another Winter Nears Release; When The Lights Go Out Series Announced


Svbterranean has debuted the miserable “Never Was” by New York’s GRIDFAILURE, the track advancing the project’s I Shall Not Survive Another Winter which is nearing release on the Fall Equinox.

“Never Was” is a prime example of the nearly boundary-free genre cross-pollution represented in the outfit’s upcoming avalanche of new material. GRIDFAILURE creator David Brenner applies several layers of demoralizing vocals, minimal guitars, analog synth, and effects/noise around a beautifully sad blues/jazz-inspired electric piano piece by Christian Molenaar, with clean guest vocals by Mark Steuer, both of San Diego experimental punk outfit Those Darn Gnomes.

“Never Was” is now streaming at Svbterranean who refers to the new recordings as GRIDFAILURE‘s, “most unnerving record to date,” continuing, “the ever-prolific project creates abstract, often haunting soundscapes that envelop listeners in their pervasive malevolence and offers no escape. With each new release, Brenner seems to pull more and more from the darkest recesses of his psyche, resulting in a project that rarely repeats itself… eight new tracks that push the boundaries of musical convention and categorization.”

Stream GRIDFAILURE’s “Never Was” at Svbterranean HERE.

Brenner offers, “Molenaar is a regular contributor; a trusted henchperson who supplies an array of random and diverse instrumentation to a lot of the outfit’s releases. He sent me the core piano section to this song on its own, noting his assessment that it was, ‘too pretty for GRIDFAILURE.’ I took that as a challenge, and went directly to work. I recorded the vocals, after which Molenaar had his bandmate Steuer sing the disheartening lyrics in a clean delivery, leaving him in the dark that they’d be layered against the layers of harshness already embedded into the song. Dementia and demoralization; the GRIDFAILURE ethos.”

Among the many other impending GRIDFAILURE recordings is a new track for an upcoming compilation for Svbteranean which the site will announce shortly.

I Shall Not Survive Another Winter will see digital release via Bandcamp on the Fall Equinox, Friday, September 22nd; a physical version of the record is in the works. Stream the track “Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness” and preorder the digital version RIGHT HERE.

GRIDFAILURE‘s post-apocalyptic style of horror merges influences of jazz, world music, hardcore, and dark ambient music into a confrontational contagion on I Shall Not Survive Another Winter. To be released on the Fall Equinox, each song on the record grows longer than the one before, creator David Brenner delivering tension and paranoia through effects-soaked guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, synth, harmonica, field recordings, drums and percussion, and more, also handling the recording and artwork. Guest henchpersons include Richard Muller (Vise Massacre, The Third Kind, Future Hunter), BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot), Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), Robert Levitt, Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), and Mark Steuer (Those Darn Gnomes).

GRIDFAILURE will also begin an open-ended series of EPs under the collective title, When The Lights Go Out, which focus on the project’s roots in dark ambient horror soundscapes. The titles within the series will feature little percussion, structured lyrics and vocals, in the attempt at creating a conduit to parallel realities and fully detracting the listener from daily life in order of terrorizing oneself. The first installation of this series is nearing completion for release in October.

Stand by for more info on the I Shall Not Survive Another Winter EP, the first installment of the When The Lights Go Out series, Teeth Collection, Drought Stick, GRIDFAILURE‘s jazz-infused second collaborative album with Megalophobe, the outfit’s impending first live performances, and more in the weeks ahead.

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