GRIDFAILURE Gives When The Lights Go Out Vol. II Album Away For Halloween

New York solo outfit GRIDFAILURE offers When The Lights Go Out Vol. II for free download in celebration of the Halloween season.

Released one year after the series’ origination, GRIDFAILURE issues When The Lights Go Out Vol. II. As with its predecessor, which focused on supernatural forces, dimensional vortex transitions, cadavers, paranoia, stalkers, and unexplained phenomena, the second volume expands further into such topics, with a slightly more otherworldly undertone. An atmospheric album created for the harvest season, this album transitions the auras of nocturnal nature, apparitional screams, and supreme paranoia into a place where no savior exists for the listener.

Recorded and created by GRIDFAILURE‘s David Brenner, who provides vocals, keyboards, synth, guitars, bass, percussion, and more, When The Lights Go Out Vol. II. is strewn with guest contributions, including acoustic guitar and keyboards by Liz Ciavarella-Brenner, vocals from Faith Ciavarella, traveling preacher organ from Benjamin Levitt, vocals from Morgan Evans, field recordings from David Rodgers, and more, spiraled into a vaporous envelopment of end-time dirge. The cover merges photos from Brenner and his sister Crystal Meadows.

Harvest season only begins now. The lights go out again.

Get your FREE download of GRIDFAILURE’s When The Lights Go Out Vol. II at THIS LOCATION.

A new video from GRIDFAILURE‘s Tasukete collaboration with Megalophobe, released early this month via Nefarious Industries, will be issued in the coming days. Stream Tasukete in its entirety HERE.

GRIDFAILURE will perform with Zud again late this fall, a show booked in Portland, Maine on December 9th as a benefit for Planned Parenthood. Two additional shows are being booked for the same weekend.

12/09/2018 Sun Tiki Studios – Portland, ME w/ Zud, Nuclear Bootz, Black Mica

Watch for news on GRIDFAILURE‘s impending collaborations with Walking Bombs, Fyrhtu, Pornohelmut, and other titles to be issued shortly.

“Through each record, GRIDFAILURE paints nightmarish soundscapes and atmospheres that cloud your mind and take it through darkened corridors until it has shrunk back in to the darkest of recesses. When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is sinister and haunting through and through as GRIDFAILURE once again creates spectral ambiance and industrial noise that captivates yet horrifies.” – Cadaver Garden

“When The Lights Go Out Vol. II is an album that refuses to compromise its approach and seems excited to continue expanding and evolving. GRIDFAILURE have, historically been able to keep pushing their sound but this is a quantum leap.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

When The Lights Go Out Vol. II Track Listing:
1. Crimson Eyes At Dusk
2. From Portals
3. Diminishing Realism
4. A Void Within The Congregation
5. Veiled Presence
6. Watch Faith Not Save You
7. Disposing Of The Remains
8. The Lights Go Out