GRIDFAILURE & MEGALOPHOBE: Dendritic Collaborative Album Streaming At New Noise Magazine; Album Out This Week For Arbor Day


Dendritic, the new avant/ambient collaborative album by New York soloists GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE, will see release on Arbor Day this Friday, April 28th, As the artists are currently planting trees across the Lower Hudson Valley region in conjunction with the record, New Noise Magazine is streaming the album early.

Fusing guitars, accordion, trumpet, keyboards, analog synth, mbira, theremin, harmonica, didgeridoo, trumpet, vocals, effects, and a variety of vocal styles, GRIDFAILURE & MEGALOPHOBE‘s Dendritic ebbs with hints of mellow prog and jazz, demoralizing noise/drone buildups, nature recordings captured in several countries, and more into ambient soundscapes, abstract dreamscapes, and a uniquely experimental overall sound. Guest contributions include trumpet by Mac Gollehon (David Bowie, Miles Davis, Blondie, Onyx, Duran Duran), vocals by Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm) and Friederike Schüür, guitar by Liz Ciavarella-Brenner, Rob Levitt, and Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), and field recordings from Jon Paris (Rack), and the record is completed with and immersive artwork by Emily Vanderpol of Infinity Things Studios.

Stream GRIDFAILURE & MEGALOPHOBE’s Dendritic early through New Noise Magazine at THIS LOCATION.

Find preorders for the digital and cassette versions of Dendritic which fund the planting of new trees via MEGALOPHOBE HERE and GRIDFAILURE HERE.

A video for “Niche Differentiation” is nearing completion, with additional videos from Dendritic to follow. MEGALOPHOBE and GRIDFAILURE will appear on upcoming releases from each other, a second fully cooperative album is halfway recorded, and a third collaboration is being devised, as the acts plot their upcoming live debuts.

New tracks from both GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE appear alongside Never Presence Forever, Dusthallowed, Teeth Engraved With The Names of The Dead, and many others on Death Season Six, a compilation by the Darker Days Ahead label; pay-as-you-wish for the download and/or purchase the CD HERE.

“…an ever-growing chasm of darkness and fear, instruments making themselves alien to the listener with the help of subtle backing effects. These sinister sounds swirl, generating a distant sound that is both enticing and terrifying. The combination makes it an unmistakably eerie and textural journey that you’ll want to dive into.” – Clrvynt

“The addition of nature sounds, specifically wind and birds, really adds some nice depth to these pieces… if you have an adventurous ear there are some fascinating & chilling things happening here.” – Sea Of Tranquility

“Each track has its own identity, although all flow together to create a greater picture of a work at large. A lot of the material here is soothing in nature, despite its sometimes atypical veneer, and the enhanced sounds seem to wash over your consciousness like waves of liquid static. Dendritic is a moving target of ambient art.” – Wonderbox Metal