Greyhaze Records Partners With Cogumelo Records For North American Distribution

Florida-based Greyhaze Records is proud to announce that the label is now the official distribution home in North America for the almighty roster of Cogumelo Records.

Brazilian label Cogumelo is well-respected throughout the extreme metal world, having been founded over thirty years ago, and having released a steady arsenal of quality death, thrash and grind from acts including Sarcófago, Mutilator, Holocausto, Sextrash, Impurity, Chakal, Psychic Possessor, Ratos de Porão, Vulcano, Headhunter DC, Drowned, Defacer, Calvary Death and more. Cogumelo was responsible for the initial release of the Sepultura’s seminal first three albums — Bestial Devastation, Morbid Visions and Schizophrenia — now exclusively under license to Roadrunner Records.

Greyhaze will begin assaulting diehard North American bangers with classic and out-of-print Cogumelo Records reissues, presented in special packaging including extensive liner notes, never-before seen photos, limited edition vinyl versions and more. The label will also launch official merchandise for bands such as Sarcófago, Sextrash, Impurity, Mutilator and others throughout 2012.

Confirmed titles will be announced in the weeks ahead, with the first of these titles to hit the streets by the end of the coming Winter.

Several dozen pre-existing import titles from Cogumelo (excluding Sepultura titles) are available now in the Greyhaze webstore as the new re-release titles are being prepared for disbursement.