GREEN DESERT WATER: Solar Plexus Full-Length From Iberian Classic Power Trio Streaming At Svbterranean; Record To Drop Friday Via Small Stone

Svbterranean is currently streaming Solar Plexus, the forthcoming new full-length from Iberian stoner rock power trio, GREEN DESERT WATER, in its entirety! The stream comes on the eve of the record’s release via Small Stone.

Notes the band of Solar Plexus, “The songs in this album talk about the connections between human beings and the nature that surrounds them. Let the sound guide you through it.”

Adds Svbterranean, “With its heavy rock grooves, doom-fueled bass lines, and soulful choruses, Solar Plexus is the perfect record for those that worship at the altar of classic, hazy-eyed rock and metal.”

Hear Solar Plexus at THIS LOCATION.

If you missed it, view the band’s video for “The Deepest Sea” below.

Solar Plexus was recorded and mixed by Pablo Martínez Pérez at Ovni Estudio, mastered by Kike Sanchís at Green Desert Mastering and comes wrapped in the cover art of Héctor Castañón. The six-track offering will see release on CD, digital, and limited-edition vinyl formats on April 27th via Small Stone.

Preorder GREEN DESERT WATER’s Solar Plexus at the Small Stone Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

After getting their feet wet in a molten pool of heavy blues on their 2012 self-titled debut EP, GREEN DESERT WATER is ready for their next conquest. The Oviedo, Spain-based three-piece have been making a name for themselves as one of the best-kept-secrets of the Iberian heavy underground, and with Solar Plexus they’ve never sounded readier to let the cat out of the proverbial bag. And by “cat out of the bag,” we mean unleashing classic power trio grooves – all primo, all soul, but heavier and thicker and more modern than the first record.

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Kike Sanchís, bassist Juan Arias García, and drummer/backing vocalist Javi González, GREEN DESERT WATER sinks its teeth into hellacious boogie on songs like “Open Your Wings” and find the place where Black Sabbath and Mountain could’ve met on “Souls Of The Woodland” – and when it comes to the title-track? Well, at least you know where they’re going to hit you. With six songs split up over two glorious vinyl sides, GREEN DESERT WATER‘s Solar Plexus indeed puts itself right in the center of attention – refusing to commit to one single vibe or another as it captures the best energy of classic heavy rock and brings it forward to a modern era where it’s so desperately needed.

“…you will be blown to pieces at how epic this new album is.” — Ripple Music

GREEN DESERT WATER have taken their sound a step further by turning up the volume and exploring a heavier approach to each track, enabling the band to really show us what they’re made of.” — Overdrive Magazine

“If your ears don’t automatically perk up on hearing the phrases ‘classic-style heavy rockers’ and ‘on Small Stone Records’ in the same sentence, well, to put it mildly they should…. Quick to make an impression and earn immediate points with the opener and longest track ‘Open Your Wings,’ the band trio channels earliest AC/DC on the swinging heavy blues of ‘Souls Of The Woodland,’ and offers a fluid dose of fuzz in ‘Chaman,’ demonstrating a propensity both for hooks and for adding modern flair to the core heavy ’70s influence…” — The Obelisk