GRAVEN: No Echo Debuts Human Remains Cover As Heirs Of Discord EP Nears Release; Band Unites Members Of Swarm Of The Lotus, Burnt By The Sun, Human Remains, And Gridlink

Extreme grinding metal quartet GRAVEN has issued a new single from their impending Heirs Of Discord EP ahead of its November release. The new single a cover of Human Remains’ classic track, “Human,” can now be heard exclusively at No Echo alongside a short interview with the group.

GRAVEN makes a destructive return in 2018, ending a nearly five-year hiatus with the recently-completed Heirs Of Discord. The band, founded by several former members of the celebrated Swarm Of The Lotus, contains guitarist/vocalist Peter Maturi, drummer Chris Csar, vocalist Jason Borowy, and now welcomes bassist Teddy Patterson of Burnt By The Sun, Human Remains, Gridlink, and more on this EP.

With members currently residing in Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey, and Florida, GRAVEN recorded Heirs Of Discord in multiple studios over nearly an entire year, and the results are nothing short of devastating.

No Echo is now streaming GRAVEN‘s cover of the classic and groundbreaking “Human” by New Jersey’s Human Remains, offering in part, “Today, I’m really happy to help present GRAVEN‘s cover of ‘Human,’ a mind-melting track that first appeared on Human Remains’ 1996 EP, Using Sickness As A Hero. A band near and dear to my heart, Human Remains was comprised of some of the most talented musicians from the New Jersey metal scene of the early ’90s, and the group’s bassist, Teddy Patterson (also formerly of Burnt By the Sun and Gridlink), is now a member of GRAVEN, making this new cover all the more special.”

Stream GRAVEN’s Human Remains cover at No Echo RIGHT HERE.

Heirs Of Discord will see release digitally on November 2nd through the band’s own Negative Grade Records. The record will also see extremely short lathe-cut vinyl versions run. A variety of preorder limited merch options are available HERE where “A Failed Mask” is streaming.

Following the disbanding of Swarm Of The Lotus in 2010, three of its members established GRAVEN, reworking the lineup and moving forward with a more extreme approach, bridging the crushing sludge/metallic hardcore explosiveness of the former act with more guttural death, grind, and doom devastation. GRAVEN began to play live in various lineup incarnations in 2011, and self-released their first EP, The Filth Will Cleanse, in November 2012. They recorded two songs for a three-way split release with Burn Everything and Reckoner for Dullest Records which was released in May of 2014, however GRAVEN went on hiatus in late 2013, leaving at least five songs on the table which were never recorded. Some of this material has been resurrected and reworked and will finally see the light of day as part of Heirs Of Discord.

GRAVEN initiated the recording sessions for Heirs Of Discord in late 2017 and recorded in waves in multiple studios throughout the first half of 2018. The record features five original tracks as well as a cover of “Human” from Human Remains’ seminal album Using Sickness As A Hero. With a scathing, grinding, pulsating attack, GRAVEN explodes with unhinged wrath and delivers a monstrous sounding release. The blasting grooves and volatility that drew such critical acclaim to Swarm Of The Lotus is here revisited and magnified to explosive new levels, delivered with top-tier production values.

The majority of Heirs Of Discord‘s vocals, all guitars, and some bass were tracked at Mana Recording Studios in St Petersburg, Florida with Engineer Art Paiz, who also handled all mixing and editing. Most of the bass was tracked at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey with engineer Kevin Antreassian (The Dillinger Escape Plan). Most of the drums and some vocals were recorded at Pristine Audio And Video in St. Petersburg, Florida with engineer Dee Blume, and additional drums were recorded at Audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona with engineer Jalipaz Nelson. Heirs Of Discord was then mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in Hudson, New York, and completed with artwork by Unexpected Specter and layout by Nicole Maturi.