GOLLUM Release “Blacksmith (Summoning Wrath)” Video

North Carolina experimental extreme metal troupe GOLLUM are pleased to unleash their latest video for “Blacksmith (Summoning Wrath),” which comes off the band’s critically-acclaimed The Core full-length released via Rotten Records last spring. The video was shot in the summer of 2009 in the band’s hometown of Wilmington. The band performance portion was shot in a studio and later cropped and transformed into abstract CGI while the “movie” portion was filmed in a welding warehouse to capture a blacksmith at work.

Commented the band of the video’s concept: “The concept for the ‘Blacksmith (Summoning Wrath)’ video was to have this visually experimental and abstract CGI background during our performance intertwined with a ‘movie’ depicting a blacksmith forging a battle-ready sword. With the limited resources and good dedicated friends that know how to film and use video software helping out, we think we accomplished that vision, even on such a slim budget!”

In related news, GOLLUM recently announced their appearance on the August 3rd stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. This marks the second year in a row GOLLUM find themselves on the bill for the prestigious event. “We are thrilled to be invited back a for the second year in a row,” said the band. “Last year, West Palm Beach, Florida was so surreal and unbelievable! We really look forward to playing on the Jager stage at the Mayhem Festival again this year; this time in front of our home state crowd in Raleigh! Thanks to Jagermeister! We are currently planning a fall tour and are in pre-production for the our next record.” For more info, visit: http://www.rockstarmayhemfest.com.

“The Core is one of the most complex, sonic-scraped albums of the year because you
literally have no idea where these guys are coming from, much less where they’re wading towards through their distorted furrows…”
— About.com

“…ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the future giants of progressive/eclectic rock/metal, if you will, a band worthy of taking place along the Opeths, Mastodons and Tools of the world – GOLLUM…”
— Imhotep

“…music this different that’s able to fire on all cylinders is the equivalent of expanding ones mind without the drugs.” — Way Too Loud

“…an incredible album full of hauntingly exotic metal tunes and outright death metal bludgeon.” — Away-Team

“This album is a brutal metal experience similar to something you might hear from Mastodon, possibly Isis, but then take those sounds and fly warp speed so far left of center that you’re fluttering around in your own dimension. Mixed with the traditional metal guitar tones and rhythmic soundings, we have GOLLUM experimenting with bizarre song structures and seemingly random mood swings that create a truly wondrous listening experience. ” — Ripple Effect

“While it certainly falls into the metal category, the band throws everything from vintage thrash riffs, sludge filled doom riffs and vicious vocal snarls at the listener and they make it work perfectly. Think early Megadeth meets Eyehategod…” — Unbound