GOD SEED: Norwegian Black Metal Collective To Release Long-Anticipated Album This Fall

Norwegian black metal collective GOD SEED will unleash their new full-length this Fall. Entitled I Begin, the record will hit North American shores on October 22 via Indie Recordings.

For nearly a decade, King ov Hell and Gaahl were key members of the legendary Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth, with whom they parted ways in 2007. When the pair decided to continue creating music together, they chose the band GOD SEED in honor of a track on the last Gorgoroth album on which they both appeared, 2006’s Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam.

In 2009, however, just as Gaahl was set to record vocals for the debut GOD SEED release, he abruptly announced his retirement from metal. With an album’s worth of music already recorded, King quickly regrouped and recruited Dimmu Borgir vocalist Shagrath — but instead of releasing 2010’s acclaimed The Underworld Regime under the GOD SEED moniker, King felt it more fitting to give the reconfigured group its own name: Ov Hell.

Earlier this year, though, Gaahl ended his metal hiatus, and GOD SEED was resurrected. To whet fans’ appetites, the group released a well-received live CD/DVD of their headlining performance at the 2008 Wacken Open Air festival, which became the first-ever release under the GOD SEED name. Still, fans began counting the days until the pair would unite to write and record new material together.

Finally, that day has arrived. Featuring King and Gaahl firing on all cylinders, GOD SEED‘s debut studio album, I Begin, is one of the most anticipated black metal releases in recent memory. Several years in the making, it harnesses the viciousness of the musicians’ pasts while also pointing toward a hellfire-bright future ahead.

The will to grow. The god within man.
The god within nature, and the will to reach one’s highest potential.

Stay tuned for further info on I Begin.