GNAW: Psychologically Abrasive Noise Assassins Announce Winter Rituals

GNAW, the ominous anti-design of Alan Dubin (Khanate, Old, O.L.D.), Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter), Jun Mizumachi (Ike Yard), Brian Beatrice and Eric Neuser, is pleased to announce another batch of live ceremonies this Winter. The audio lashings will begin in Revere, Massachusetts this Saturday. The following month GNAW will level Queens with their ear-reapings before razing Brooklyn and Philadelphia for a New Year’s dose of deviance. The band will be spewing forth tunes from their recently unleashed Horrible Chamber full-length.

Elaborates Dubin in a spine-sheering shriek, “Thanks to all the mongers who continue to support the brand new Horrible Chamber album! If you’re in the Boston or New York area, we have some shows coming up to make your winter that much colder. Get Gnawed! Baaaaaah Humbug!”

GNAW Live Demonstrations:
11/23/2013 Sammy’s Patio – Revere, MA w/ Stasis, Psycho, Afterbirth (ex-members of Grief and Disrupt), Dave K Fights Himself [info]
12/5/2013 Trans Pecos – Queens, NY w/ Psalm Zero, The Notekillers
1/18/2014 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Sonic Suicide Squad, Insect Ark, Xaddas, Prana Bindu
1/19/2014 TBA – Philadelphia, PA w/ Insect Ark, more TBD

A jarring, psychologically abrasive exercise in noise-scorched, audio torment for fans of Khanate, Gnaw Their Tongues, Locrian and open-face surgery, on Horrible Chamber GNAW manufactures gnarly, nerve-wracking sound orgies where the cumulative sensations of dread, trauma, wrath and repugnance crash into a disturbingly cathartic state of ominous, audio disease. Horrible Chamber was recorded at Seizures Palace by Jason LaFarge (Swans, Akron/Family, Khanate, Angels Of Light) and mixed by Brian Beatrice at audioEngine and mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Scorn, Khanate, Khlyst etc), with additional elements recorded by Beatrice, Dubin, Thornton, and Mizumachi in various chambers.

Horrible Chamber is currently available via Seventh Rule Recordings. Order your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

“Part horrifying ambient-noise-terrorism and part doom-metal slash and burn…” – Noisey

“… a fascinating listen.” – Decibel

“Horrible Chamber is the only album I’ve been scared to listen to again besides Calcutta Gas Chamber. Physically repulsive, it’s just awful to behold, and the fight to continue listening only makes you more cathexically involved and more disgraced. As with Oxbow and Watermann, Horrible Chamber airs those vivid imaginative inscapes not unknown to man, but lockboxed away; it is a stark, intimate, frenetic work of raw emotive power and sonic precision. Enter if you dare.” – Unhinged Music

Few bands have managed to pull off such a seamless and triumphant splicing of doom metal, noise and industrial as GNAW have managed to do with this album, and in this extremely unique, surreal and particular world the band dwells in, Horrible Chamber represents hands down industrial doom’s finest hour of 2013.” – Cvlt Nation

“A psychosexual mood piece – sometimes a bleak doom metal dirge, sometimes bleary noise, sometimes 12 minutes of analog darkwave,…The Eyes Wide Shut piano drags it all the way to the dungeon.” – Spin

“…a hideous juggernaut or aural evil that is the musical equivalent to venom coursing through your veins. It’s paralyzing, numbing and relentless in its approach and never lets in a sliver of hope. Put your headphones on, turn off the lights, crank the volume to 11 and let yourself spiral into the abyss.” – SputnikMusic

“Whether it’s Dubin’s voice, the abrasive edge on the guitars or the insectile whirr of machinery that repeatedly surfaces, there’s an intensity here that is as hard to absorb as it must have been to maintain – the sparser sections are pregnant with so much tension that they hardly register as breathers… an engrossing and affecting listen. It brings to light something typically kept buried in the subconscious and in its meeting of the physical and the mental, it offers something that few bands would even look for, let alone manage to convey.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“The combination of slowly-slammed guitar, bass, and drums with terror-torn vocals and other-dimensional sounds makes for a chilling encounter. This is the soundtrack to your own private horror flick, one where the visual aspect is induced by the music.” – Ghost Cult