GLORIOR BELLI + The Destroyed Room

From the GLORIOR BELLI MySpace Page:
WHATSPACE and INCUBATE proudly present a new project, THE DESTROYED ROOM, in which they will bring together the work of more than 30 artists in art gallery Perron 58.

Point of departure is Jeff Wall’s “The Destroyed Room”. For this work, Wall was inspired by French painter Delacroix’ painting “The Death of Sardanapalus”. Walls work was later used as an album cover for Sonic Youth’s “The Destroyed Room: B-sides and rarities”.

Works included in THE DESTROYED ROOM project range from films and photographs to objects, paintings and drawings. One of the featured artists is Sonic Youth’s guitarist Lee Ranaldo. The main participating artist in the project, however is the American director and photographer Cary Loren. For this project, Loren made a movie using the ruins of urban decay in Detroit as her scenery.

The other artists: AIDS 3-D, Dario d’Aronco, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Marco Fedele di Catrano, Marc Bijl, Kimberly Clark, Koen Delaere, Piet Dieleman, Jeroen Doorenweerd, Wineke Gartz, Martijn Hendriks, Anita Hrnic, Bas van den Hurk, Sandra Kranich, Marijn van Kreij, Paul Lee, Isa Melsheimer, Theo Michael, Hester Oerlemans, David Ostrowski, Benjamin Roth, Felix Schramm, Lieven Segers en Remco Torenbosch. Music will come from french metal band Glorior Belli and British dubstep producer and dj, James Blake.

Friday 5 March 20.00
Entrance: free?

Perron 58 (Zwijssenpand) Gasthuisring 58, Tilburg

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