GLORIA MORTI: Decibel Premieres “Josef Fritzl” Track From Finnish Death Metal Outfit; Willowtip-Bound Kuebiko LP Due Mid-March


Finnish death metal legion, GLORIA MORTI, will release their fifth album titled Kuebiko on March 18th, their first for Willowtip Records. Decibel Magazine has issued a worldwide premiere of the album’s ripping “Josef Fritzl,” noting of the pulverizing single, “they picked some appropriately fucked-up subject matter for the track below. In 2008, the world learned of Austrian Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned and repeatedly raped his daughter for 24 years, resulting in seven children. Grim stuff, and appropriately rendered in that the band ‘wanted to steer away from the sterile and lifeless sound heard in most modern metal albums released today.'”

Storm the Deciblog and stream GLORIA MORTI’s “Josef Fritzl” at THIS LOCATION.

Offers drummer Kauko Kuusisalo about the track, “‘Josef Fritzl’ is one of the shorter songs on Kuebiko, and after short ‘intro’, it gets to the point right away. It is about three minutes of pure aggression with all the ‘classic GLORIA MORTI elements’ — fast blast beats, melodic chorus riff, and relentless vocals. The morbid story behind the lyrics is should also wake some unpleasant feelings in the listener. This song does not let the listener to rest until it is finished.”

Adds guitarist Juho Räihä, “The idea for the song is lifted from a public debate on religion featuring the late great Christopher Hitchens. The premise of the lyrics being that there is a problem when trying to reconcile the existence of evil in the world with the (supposed) existence of an all-knowing, all-powerful and good god. The co-existence of evil and such a god is not logically valid. The Fritzl case is, to me, one of the most blatant underlinings of this in recent history.”

With Kuebiko, GLORIA MORTI is back with another solid slice of confrontational Finnish death metal, the band expertly blending thrash, melodic, and black metal, and surreal atmospheric elements into their sound, like a wrecking-ball sound that is reminiscent of such bands as At The Gates, Carcass and Fleshgod Apocalypse. GLORIA MORTI‘s fifth studio effort, Kuebiko finds the unit traversing grimmer and dirtier grounds than ever before, both musically and thematically.

Kuebiko will be released on March 18th via Willowtip Records. For preorders visit THIS LOCATION.


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