Give Praise Records Label Update – June 2011

Give Praise Records Label Update – June 2011

Kentucky hard rock devils BRODY’S MILITIA rip out three bloodthirsty tracks of messed-up hell punk, while Ohio’s mentally-crippled overlords of lunatic metal, BREATHILIZOR, blast five evil aural sacrifices to Lucifer!

After a righteous amount of singles and split 7″s, these fine lads from the UK are back to destroy your hearing and curse all friendly hearts! Seriously angry, raw, blasting fastcore along the lines of Spazz and Hellnation. Get pissed; die slow!

HELLCORE – Destruction Of The World CD

Brutal, angry, growl howls from the sewer pits of Indonesia! Raw, guttural grindcore that will stew in your head until you bleed puss and metal!


DOUBLED OVER starts their side blasting through dirty, bloody, brutal fucking riffs! And it doesn’t stop. Ever. These Aussie’s know how to play grindcore, in a way that takes you back to California in the mid ’90s. Super tight. Super fast. Super heavy. ROSKOPP‘s side is some of their best material to date. It’s like they don’t know how NOT to play fast. The drums are some of the fastest, most blistering you’ve heard from any band of any time. The guitar work reeks of early Regurgitate, and the vocals are as low and guttural as you can get, occasionally complimented by screeching highs. ROSKOPP make some of the most honest, pissed off grindcore in the world.

MP3 (Band Sample):

MP3 (Band Sample):


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