GHASTLY: “Death By Meditation” From Finnish Death Trio Streaming At Metal Injection; Death Velour LP Nears Release Via 20 Buck Spin

[photo by Saara Kujansuu]

With the release of Finnish death metal horde GHASTLY‘s new Death Velour LP set for April release via 20 Buck Spin, Metal Injection has hosted the debut of “Death By Meditation.”

While there’s no question Death Velour is a pure death metal album, GHASTLY could hardly be confused with most of the current bands making the rounds. The nightmarish hallucinatory sound GHASTLY invokes conjures the horror of rotting in incomprehensible obscurity, passing into oblivion guided by a many-colored specter of strange origin across the Styx. An air of psych-induced weirdness and shrieking dread permeates the decomposed palette throughout the album’s cryptic duration.

Declares Metal Injection with their public showing of “Death By Meditation” from Death Velour, “Over the course of three and a half minutes, GHASTLY takes the OSDM formula and spins an eerie, mid-tempo web around it. The high-note riffs seem to climb and climb to an infinite crescendo, but they never quite peak; it creates such an unsettling feeling throughout the track. Gassy Sam’s consummate death growl gives a sinister flair to the trio’s music. Ian J D’Waters and Johnny Urnripper are responsible for the instrumental unease surrounding ‘Death By Meditation.’ Their work combined with Sam’s screams undoubtedly create a jarring death metal offering.”

Stream GHASTLY’s “Death By Meditation” at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.

20 Buck Spin will issue GHASTLY‘s Death Velour on CD, LP, and digital formats on April 20th; stream the track “Velvet Blue” and find and digital preorders HERE and see physical preorder options HERE.

While Finland’s GHASTLY may be a new name to many, those who delve deeply enough into the death metal underworld will recall the band’s debut album Carrion Of Time released a few years back on cult death metal tastemaker label Me Saco Un Ojo (Morbus Chron, Undergang, Phrenelith). A few years have passed, and the band now resurfaces with their masterfully-executed second album Death Velour. Boasting seven pulverizing movements in under thirty-eight minutes, Death Velour was mastered by Damian Herring of Horrendous at Subterranean Watchtower, and features art and design by Riikka Pesonen which is intended to summon the early style of Scandinavian bands and labels of the style. Those loyal to the works of Morbus Chron, Execration, Autopsy, Dismember, Tribulation, Nihilist, Carnage, Soulside Journey-era Darkthrone, and others of similar ilk are advised not to miss Death Velour.

Like discovering a forgotten relic of mysterious brilliance from the early Finnish death metal scene, GHASTLY‘s Death Velour is a phantasm of blinding light onto the foreboding darkness of this mortal coil.