FREYA Premieres Track From Grim LP At Revolver Magazine; Syracuse Band Features Members Of Earth Crisis, Megadeth, And Soilwork

FREYA_9950_web [photo by Shada Gale Photography][photo by Shada Gale Photography]

“Eyes Of Malevolence” is the latest single from FREYA, and the band’s impending fifth studio album, Grim. The track sees an exclusive premiere through Revolver Magazine, preceding the LP’s September release through Fast Break! Records.

Featuring members of Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance, Soilwork, Megadeth, and others, FREYA envelops a groove-laden, energetic flow that delivers influence from across vast realms of metal and hardcore, and Grim presents the band’s most well-honed dose of writhing intensity yet, a factor reinforced in the new track, “Eyes Of Malevolence.”

Revolver Magazine is streaming FREYA’s “Eyes Of Malevolence” only at THIS LOCATION.

Also see the trailer for Grim featuring the opening track “The Alchemist” HERE.

Fortified by the sidewinding winds and mercurial lakes of the land with the largest sinking mall, FREYA stands as an immovable heavy metal monolith. Giant serpentine guitar riffs tightly coil around vast passages of tension and melody, creating the band’s upcoming fifth studio full-length, Grim. Expanding upon the thematic scope of their previous release, Paragon Of The Crucible, their latest installment derives inspiration from the historical origins of Grimm folktales. Grizzled veteran founding frontman, Karl Buechner (Earth Crisis, The Path Of Resistance) breathes life into these cautionary tales, delving deep into their macabre realities and the harsh circumstances of their genesis. Newly-recruited drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork), the one-man stampede of savagery, lends his machine gun percussive virtuosity to the album, his complex timing and imagination a perfect complement to the diverse riff-work of guitarists Brendon Flynn and Thom Turner.

Grim was mixed and mastered by Jason “Jocko” Randall at More Sound Recording Studio in Syracuse, and features the intense graphic cover artwork by FREYA‘s Brendon Flynn. The album will be released through Pennsylvania’s Fastbreak! Records on September 30th.