FOTOCRIME: Alcoves EP With Leonard Cohen, Government Issue, Portishead, Discharge, And Eddie Cochran Covers Now Available At Bandcamp

photo by Whiteshroud

Louisville post-punk trio FOTOCRIME presents Alcoves, a new digital EP featuring the four recent covers the band released in recent weeks and one not released prior to this record.

On the Alcoves EP, FOTOCRIME pays tribute to a handful of their favorite artists via cover songs that range from deconstructed and re-imagined variations to faithful adaptations of the original arrangements and instrumentation. The collection begins with a powerful, dread-soaked version of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Avalanche” featuring Murder By Death’s Sarah Balliet on cello. The band turns DC post-hardcore anthem “Jaded Eyes” by Government Issue into a post-punk barnburner backed by an Italo Disco beat, the song recorded live to tape at the legendary Inner Ear Studios by longtime collaborator J. Robbins (Jawbox, Government Issue), who also sings backing vocals on the track.

A meticulously faithful cover of Portishead’s “Chase The Tear” follows with FOTOCRIME joined by Janet Morgan, who lends her beautiful voice to the song and gives the entire affair a proper British sheen. Possibly the most divergent from the original yet true to form for the band, “The Price Of Silence” turns a Discharge Cold War hardcore classic into a jangling post-punk anthem. The result is a blistering example of FOTOCRIME’s ability to inject punk energy into their danceable darkwave sound.

Alcoves closes with singer/guitarist Ryan Patterson solo on a dark, noir-inspired cover of 1950s rockabilly icon Eddie Cochran’s little-known, “Dark Lonely Street.” Originally recorded four years before Cochran’s untimely death at age 21, “Dark Lonely Street” is a direct nod to a sound and era that is often referenced and injected into FOTOCRIME’s music; a fitting end for this collection of songs by musicians whose music has endlessly inspired and influenced the band.

Alcoves was produced, recorded, and mixed by Ryan Patterson at House of Foto in Louisville, Kentucky in May 2022, except “Jaded Eyes” recorded and mixed by J. Robbins at Inner Ear Studios, Washington, DC in July 2021, assisted by Matt Redenbo, mastered by Dan Coutant at Sun Room Audio, and completed with art by Patterson.

Patterson writes, “I’m very happy to announce that our Alcoves EP of covers is officially out now and available for purchase only on Bandcamp! These are a few of my favorite artists who have each had a massive impact on our music and my songwriting. This was a blast to put together and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you all for the positive feedback about the covers and recordings. Your support and sharing are infinitely appreciated and essential in keeping the wheels turning and the flames burning.”

Stream and purchase FOTOCRIME’s Alcoves EP at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE.

Alcoves Track Listing:
1. Avalanche
2. Jaded Eyes
3. Chase The Tear
4. The Price Of Silence
5. Dark Lonely Street