FOSSILS: The Meating EP From Danish Bass/Drums Noise-Attack Duo Out Now On Indisciplinarian And Playing At Scene Point Blank

Danish bass and drums noise rock destroyer duo, FOSSILS, today calls its radical fanbase together for The Meating as the new EP is now available internationally via the butchers at Indisciplinarian. To aid in the distribution of the fine, fleshy provisions to the masses, the help of American newsmongers Scene Point Blank has been brought in to lay the full platter out for a public sampling.

Witness this fully instrumental act employ mongers of the vocal trades for the first time ever on record as you peruse through seven courses of utter gluttony on The Meating, as the FOSSILS duo steps far outside of their generally instrumental works. Here, the duo is joined by seven friends supplying their own interpretive vocals to a track from FOSSILS‘ debut album, Meat Rush, as each of them performed these tracks live at the band’s Flesh Hammer LP release show in March 2014. Originally thought as a one-off at the release event, the performers — including an ex-member of HateSphere, members of The Kandidate, Ultimate Combat Noise, Cola Freaks, Powersolo, Marybell Katastrophy and more — were subsequently brought into the studio to document their contributions to the original tracks. The resulting The Meating is a highly seductive, gourmet abnormality with high energy vocals, noise and poetry contributions for all to enjoy while waiting for the next fully instrumental FOSSILS LP in early 2016.

BYOB, and include a helmet for this full course of FOSSILS’ The Meating at Scene Point Blank RIGHT HERE.

The Meating is now available on cassette and digital formats through Copenhagen-based Indisciplinarian, exactly one year after the release of FOSSILSFlesh Hammer sophomore LP. The cassette is limited to 200 copies – 100 with red cover and 100 with black cover — all including a free Bandcamp download. Place your orders HERE.

The latest upcoming live engagements from FOSSILS include performances at a myriad of Danish Indisciplinarian Label Nights in late March with labelmates Piss Vortex and Anti Ritual in March, and again in June. The June run will be followed by a special performance from FOSSILS at this year’s massive Roskilde Festival near Copenhagen, the biggest rock festival in Northern Europe. This very prestigious festival to play runs from June 27th through July 4th, with eight stages hosting one hundred seventy bands so far. Additional tour dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

3/26/2015 Stengade – Copenhagen DK *Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual
3/27/2015 Radar – Aarhus DK *Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual
3/28/2015 1000fryd – Aalborg DK *Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual
6/12/2015 TBA – DK *Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual
6/13/2015 Von Hatten – Randers DK *Indisciplinarian Label Night w/ Piss Vortex, Anti Ritual
6/27-7/04/2015 Roskilde Festival – Roskilde, DK