FOES: CVLT Nation Premieres “Turnaround King” Video From Oregon Metallic Hardcore Quartet; American Violence EP Out Now On Glacier Recordings

Following the release of their American Violence 10″ EP through Glacier Recordings in April, Oregon metallic hardcore outfit FOES now issues their official video for “Turnaround King” through a premiere at CVLT Nation.

Writes FOES drummer Garrett Judkins, “This was the most fun we’ve had filming for a non-live performance music video. ‘Turnaround King’ was shot by Chandler Price of 12th St Media in our little hometown venue thanks to our friend and co-star Cody Kite. It was back in February (pre-COVID days) and still cold as fuck, but we managed to drag an entire living room set up and all our equipment out. It looked decent before we started smashing everything too. As for the track, ‘Turnaround King’ definitely has its forward-facing themes like media control, politics, and extremism. But for me it also is the story of many Americans being pulled this way or that way by different mediums using fear and disinformation to prevent them from making proper decisions.”

Guitarist Sonny Daniels offers, “I feel as if this song and video really depicts the current state of America. In the video we see a person who is glued to the TV screen and his phone… As if it were his only purpose for living. Most likely depressed, confused, overwhelmed, and anxiety ridden. Towards the end of the song/video he has reached a breaking point with himself and everything/everyone around him. We see him destroying his TV and surroundings in a fit of rage, seemingly done with it all.”

Adds vocalist Brandon Self, “To me, this video depicts the anger that most or all of us feel, or have felt, towards certain individuals in our lives that have gone past the point of reasonable thought. They’ve become mindless zombies. Sheep in fact. Addicted to substance and propaganda so they can live in their sheltered, false existence. This is infuriating to those of us who can read between the lines. For some of these individuals, by the time they realize their mistakes it’s too late. They’ve been left alone, empty, and broken. With nothing left to lose, thus begins the process of an internal decomposition.”

CVLT Nation writes with the video’s premiere, “…bands like FOES are important because they take a stand against the ills of this fucked society. Not only that, their brand of metallic hardcore is a huge can of sonic whip ass that gets me hyped! Their new album American Violence is a collection of rage-filled anthems that give me the vibes I need to spit in the face of all of our oppression.”

Watch FOES’ “Turnaround King” video at CVLT Nation RIGHT HERE.

American Violence was recorded and produced by FOES‘ Sonny Daniels and Garrett Judkins at their Doom Room Studios, then sent to Audiosiege (From Ashes Rise, Integrity, Black Breath) where it was edited and mixed by Derek Leisy and mastered by Brad Boatright. The cover art was created by Judkins and Daniels with Taylor Bates at New Melody Art Design.

Find FOES’ American Violence on 10″ vinyl and digital through the Glacier Recordings webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE, as well as through all digital service providers.