FEARSORE: Decibel Magazine Premieres “Cloudfall” Video From Chicago Cinematic Industrial Metal Act; Bloedwyrx Album Sees Release Through Dead Sage Records This Friday

Decibel Magazine is hosting the premiere of “Clloudfall,” the psychedelic new video from Chicago-based cinematic/industrial metal entity FEARSORE. The new single precedes the outfit’s new album, Bloedwyrx, nearing release this month through Dead Sage Records.

Bloed refers to blood, the Scandinavian affectation specifically to lineage and the legacy of obscurity held therein. Wyrx refers to an evolution of the course already set with previous FEARSORE releases. This time in an alien encapsulation, a void of uncomfortable truths, confessions, self-alienation, and contentment in hopelessness. In the end, the soundscape is made, the fool has ripped out his own eyes to see no more, only to find the truth.

Bloedwyrx was written, performed, and engineered by FEARSORE creator Wiley Wells, with additional production on “Sky Devourer Forest Fire Urge” by John Bomher, mastering handled by Dennis A. Cimpeanu, and additional manipulated artwork by Bobby Banaszak. The album is being released as two masters – one for those willing to submit to the regulations of internet and streaming, and a much less constrained, louder, fuller CD master – both of which are equally representative of the pieces contained within.

With the new single, Wells reveals, “‘Cloudfall’ is representative of the nagging voice in your head that suggests as you stand on the edge of a precipice – ‘jump.’ How natural could it be, under the influence of prescribed medications for your own voice, to come out of the back of your head over a morning cup of coffee and suggest, ‘why not end it today?’ in such a casual manner?

“In a world where we can find far too many reasons to shut down, call it off, walk away, even hate what is before us, it is far more important to find a reason that to this point the journey has been worth it…

“‘Cloudfall’ is a soundscape within a soundscape, written to be ingested like the waking from a nightmare; the sort where the sun greets your eyes first in a very abrupt and staggering manner but then like a refreshing burst of calm. All the while, you try to recount the exact moments within that dream only vaguely remembering the overall atmosphere, then bringing your senses back to a state of elation that you are indeed still here… wherever that may be.”

With the video’s premiere, Decibel writes, “Like the song it’s set to, the video for FEARSORE’s latest track, ‘Cloudfall,’ offers up an oddly entrancing mixture of the hypnotizing and harsh. It’s a dark, psychedelic journey set to a pulsing, abrasive industrial metal soundtrack—part electronic soundscape, part grinding riff generator. A hundred percent riveting. I couldn’t really give you an accurate synopsis of what transpires in said visual mindfuck, but the imagery perfectly complements the audio.”

Watch FEARSORE’s “Cloudfall” video first at Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.

Dead Sage will release Bloedwyrx on digipak CD and digital services on August 5th. Find preorders where prior single “Waking To Something Dark” is playing HERE and watch for further updates on the album to post in the days ahead.

The creation of one Wiley Wells, FEARSORE began in the late nineties in Birmingham, Alabama as an opportunity to escape the stagnation of the southeastern US underground music movement and create something unique, personal, and challenging. An ethos of youthful exhaustion with the state of the artistic contributions to a musical wasteland of retread ideas and the internal strife with broad notions of what could be beyond.

What began as a nascent exploration of ambient textures crossed with classical piano derivations quickly became much more, when Wells joined with D’hiver Mort in 2000 and began experimenting with more expansive tools. Over the years, FEARSORE has expanded horizons and entertained collaborations with Novembers Doom, While Heaven Wept, Cannabis Corpse, and many others, further cementing it as an ever-evolving project.

FEARSORE’s second release through Dead Sage, Bloedwyrx is a compilation of works addressing the combined experiences of declining mental health, the pharmacological splitting of self, hope, and suicidal ideation in their many guises. Playing the role of fool, as we all do daily; and with the intent of not being too “on the nose,” each piece has been composed dissected and recombined to maximize each momentary realization and conversation with the alien within – that part of us that sits in the dark corner of our peripheral vision clawing at our synapses. It’s the side that knowingly chastises us with oblique yet frank honesty and brutal assessment. It is an entity of cynical delights, wedged deep in our consciousness; a universal Zeitgeist that seeks to grow from the cracks in our little minds and tear at the emotional self that clings to old ignorance.