FALSE FED: New Band Formed By Members Of Ministry, Amebix, Nausea, Discharge, And More Signs To Neurot Recordings; Debut Album To See Summer Release

From the dark roots of Amebix, Discharge, and Nausea, a new twisted branch of thorns shoots from the alternate family tree. Neurot Recordings eagerly welcomes newly formed collective FALSE FED to the label’s ever-expanding roster and is putting the final touches on the band’s debut album for a Summer release.

In 2019 BC (before Covid), Discharge frontman Jeff Janiak reached out to longtime friend and musician JP Parsons to assist on a new project. The pair wrote and recorded various ideas before reaching out to Amebix guitarist Stig.C.Miller who joined them during the global pandemic. The trio utilized this new creative climate of physical restriction and went on to set the foundations for their first album, via file sharing home recordings, which would be arranged and produced by Miller. It was several months later when he would call upon Nausea, Ministry, and former Amebix drummer Roy Mayorga to complete the lineup. Mayorga went onto record drums, mix, and produce the band’s debut album, Let Them Eat Fake.

In these unprecedented times of global restriction, fear, and the everlasting lack of faith in the hierarchy, FALSE FED has cultivated a heavy sound that is drenched in melody, aggression, and shrouded in darkness; an ominous and dystopian entity that is not bound by genre, yet still offers subtle hints to the creators’ lineage.

Janiak reveals, “When we were finishing up the recording of the Let Them Eat Fake album, the next big question to be was, ‘Who is gonna put this out?’ We all pretty much have punk rock backgrounds, but musically this album touched on something dark and different. So where do we go from here? We all have a lot of different influences, and it really shows on this record, so who is willing to put out an album that is so difficult to pinpoint a specific genre or stick a label on? Neurot Recordings was the first label that came to mind. They always put out releases by bands that were quite different and experimental. We contacted them and sent them our album and they totally ‘got it’ and believed in what we were doing and got behind the project. We are all thrilled to be working with such a great independent label that believes in the DIY spirit and isn’t afraid to venture into new territory. We hope you all enjoy the album as much as we did in making it!”

Neurot owner Steve Von Till offers, “Releasing the FALSE FED album on Neurot is an amazing coming together of both heroes and friends from Discharge, Amebix, and Nausea. Discharge was my gateway to hardcore as a young kid looking for the heaviest music I could find. Their intense wall of noise, bleak imagery, and apocalyptic lyrics opened my mind to the possibilities. A few years later I would have my mind blown by Amebix. Even though they came from the post Crass anarcho punk world, they wielded unique heavy guitar tones with a strangely emotional, mystical, and even spiritual aura. Both were huge and foundational influences on myself and Neurosis. I met Roy on my first Neurosis tour to New York where we stayed and hung out with our crusty brethren from Nausea and their whole scene of good people. Those were formative years for all of us, and now all these years later this gem of an album which takes a moody, melodic, and almost gothic approach to their various pasts gives birth to something new and inspiring with an old soul.”

FALSE FED’s Let Them Eat Fake will be released on Neurot Recordings in the Summer of 2023. Stand by for the album’s street date, cover art, audio previews, and more to be issued over the weeks ahead.

Jeff (JJ) Janiak – vocals
Stig.C.Miller – guitar
JP Parsons – bass
Roy Mayorga – drums