EYE OF NIX: Noisey Streams Black Somnia In Its Disquieting Entirety; Latest Record From Avant Doom Bringers To See Release This Friday Via Scry Recordings


“…atmospheric, ambitious melodic black metal meets thoughtful, midnight-tinted doom, stately neocrust, and ghostly vintage goth in a perfect danse macabre…” — Noisey

Stream / Share EYE OF NIX’s Black Somnia HERE.

This Friday will mark the official unveiling of Black Somnia, the impending new full-length from Seattle-based blackened avant doom bringers EYE OF NIX. Slated to drop via newly-launched Scry Recordings, the immersive new offering was captured by renowned producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Om, Pallbearer) at The Hallowed Halls in Portland, Oregon and mastered by Brad Boatwright (Gatecreeper, Necrot).

Noisey is hosting a stream of the record in its disquieting entirety crowning its six immersive tracks “…absolutely stunning and wholly unique….,” further elaborating, “The sheer depth of this music is stunning from the onset, when ‘Wound And Scar’ ripples to life, its taut guitar lines of blackened doom midwifed by rapid-fire percussion and roiling bass, kicking into a more frantic tempo as vocalist Joy Von Spain dispenses vengeful howls. Here, atmospheric, ambitious melodic black metal meets thoughtful, midnight-tinted doom, stately neocrust, and ghostly vintage goth in a perfect danse macabre; I’ve honestly never heard anything else like it, and a big part of that lies in [vocalist Joy] Von Spain’s vocals.”

Adds Von Spain, “”For me, the album is an exploration of the forces of fear and control, responses to these insidious, unseen powers, the specter that remains when we awaken from mysterious and frightening dreams. Billy Anderson worked with us on ideas to preserve the noisier elements of our sound and create layers of atmosphere surrounding the voice.”

Hear Black Somnia courtesy of Noisey at THIS LOCATION.

Black Somnia will be available December 15th digitally and in a full color gatefold LP presentation with 180-gram black vinyl, limited to 250 copies. Preorder Black Somnia at THIS LOCATION.

EYE OF NIX‘s Black Somnia centers itself on themes of fear, control, and anxiety while shape-shifting through a lens of blackened psychedelia and doom. “Black Somnia includes five new pieces and a re-imagining of ‘A Curse.’ Our goal for the recording was to frame the songs’ turbulence and tension with layers of atmosphere,” relays Von Spain. “We also worked intensively with occult artist/photographer Anima Nocturna (Carlos Melgoza) and an international group of Butoh performers to create the album’s ritual-based visual element.”

EYE OF NIX first began to create abrasive yet kaleidoscopic sounds in 2012. Current members vocalist Joy Von Spain, guitarist Nicholas Martinez, bassist Zach Wise (Hissing), noise artist Masaaki Masao and drummer Luke Laplante strive to conjure music that’s threatening, beautiful, and harsh. EYE OF NIX toured the West Coast with noise veterans Blue Sabbath Black Cheer in 2013, then chose an expanded route including the rockies and Southwest in 2015. Since their inception, EYE OF NIX has shared the stage with diverse notable acts such as Voivod, Jarboe, SubRosa, Sea Of Bones, King Dude, Lesbian, Worm Ouroboros, Eight Bells, Tengger Cavalry, and more.

Moros, their first LP, was released in 2015 via Eugene-based imprint Belief Mower (Muscle And Marrow, Hungers). The album was captured by the hands of accomplished Seattle-based engineer Brandon Fitzsimons (Bell Witch, Anhedonist) at Airport Grocery in Seattle and mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx in San Francisco. The record was reissued digitally with two bonus studio tracks: “Blood In The Fire,” and “Rome Burned.”