EXTREMITY: Noisey Streams Debut From Band Uniting Vastum, Ludicra, Agalloch, Cretin, Repulsion, And Trepanation Members; LP Out Friday On 20 Buck Spin

EXTREMITY_2703_web [photo by Jehnifer Mickalacki-Sublett][photo by Jehnifer Mickalacki-Sublett]

EXTREMITY — the new Bay Area death metal pact founded by Shelby Lermo (Vastum, Ulthar), Aesop Dekker (Worm Ouroboros, Ludicra, Agalloch), Marissa Martinez-Hoadley (Cretin, Repulsion), and Erika Osterhout (Necrosic, Scolex, Trepanation) — is streaming their entire Extremely Fucking Dead LP at Noisey, as the album nears release through 20 Buck Spin this week.

States Martinez-Hoadley, “Historically, all the bands I’ve been in were the result of what my oldest and dearest friends do, when we spend time together. EXTREMITY, is the first time I joined a band of acquaintances, and we built deeper friendships out of working together on this record. It’s been a lot of fun to get to know everyone more personally, and musically, and branch out into areas of extreme music that I wouldn’t normally think to write myself.” Lermo bluntly applies, “I truly believe that this might be our finest work to date.”

Noisey includes, “Extremely Fucking Dead is old school-death metal at its most rotten and vile, featuring six songs riddled with depravity and gore in the grand old tradition of Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, and Carcass.”

Tune in to Noisey to stream EXTREMITY’s Extremely Fucking Dead LP RIGHT HERE.

20 Buck Spin will release Extremely Fucking Dead this Friday, April 7th, on digital, CD, and LP formats, including a gold vinyl variant limited to 150 copies and a multi-color variant limited only to 20 Buck Spin mailorder; preorders for all versions are available HERE.

While EXTREMITY has dropped off of their planned tour with Asphyx, the band will make their debut live performance with a release show for Extremely Fucking Dead in San Francisco on April 13th, with support from Hammers Of Misfortune, and has just booked a show on May 6th in Oakland with Gruesome.

EXTREMITY Debut Live Performances:
4/13/2017 SF Eagle – San Francisco, CA w/ Hammers Of Misfortune [info]
5/06/2017 Golden Bull – Oakland, CA w/ Gruesome

Gestating in the twisted bowels of the Bay Area for six years, only now, in 2017, has EXTREMITY dislodged itself from the musty climes of obscurity to contaminate the American metal cesspool. Like a jaundiced plume drifting up from a fetid swamp, on Extremely Fucking Dead the four-piece infect death metal with odiously oozing intentions. From the grisly gore metal of “Crepuscular Crescendo” to the Bolt Thrower-ravaged plunder permeating “Bestial Destiny,” EXTREMITY presents a simultaneously studied and loosely devastating specter of death metal cited from the genre’s many epicenters in America, Scandinavia, the UK and beyond.