EXTREME NOISE TERROR: Self-Titled Full-Length Punishing The Masses At Revolver; Record To Drop Via Willowtip TOMORROW


“Thirty years of pissed off hardcore punk madness and mayhem condensed into thirteen brand new tracks, the most savage ENT yet! If this doesn’t blow your head off nothing will!” – Dean Jones, EXTREME NOISE TERROR

Tomorrow marks the official detonation of the long-awaited, self-titled full-length from UK hardcore punk/grindcore legends, EXTREME NOISE TERROR. The band’s first studio output in six years was captured at Springvale Studios with longtime producer Mark H. Harwood and finds the iconic unit returning to their hardcore punk roots with a manic, stripped-down and relentlessly aggressive, bone-raw sound that faultlessly complements the chaotic attack that saw the band become a favorite among punk and metal fans alike throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

“Although their sound has wavered between extreme punk and grind over the years, EXTREME NOISE TERROR definitely grind it out,” notes Decibel Magazine in an advance review of the record, “It’s old-school style: no frills, all kills, [vocalist Dean] Jones and [vocalist Ben] McCrow trading off politically-active screams. The nice thing about EXTREME NOISE TERROR… is that even at their fastest, they never lose their songs in the hyperspeed. There’s always that punk grounding, so there’s still space to mosh between blast beats.” Dead Rhetoric boasts, “Relying on the punishing, fiery blast-grind tangents that are a staple of the UK scene, EXTREME NOISE TERROR spares no time in pushing ahead on brief, but impactful numbers like ‘Dogma, Intolerance, Control’ as well as the frenzied ‘Think Outside The Box.’ McCrow, as expected given his previous work, turns in a scathing performance, his larynx-pummelling voice adept at handling the quick, in-and-out numbers, as well as the more realized, such as ‘Cruel And Unusual Punishment,’ which could be the album’s best cut,” adding, “at thirty years in the game… EXTREME NOISE TERROR, like their contemporaries in Napalm Death, prove that extreme grind has yet to establish a cutting off point in terms of age.” MetalSucks issues, “EXTREME NOISE TERROR‘s music continues to be a powerful kick in the nuts of the mainstream. The band’s music is an ugly, chaotic reflection of an ugly, chaotic world. Their music works as both a form of protest and a declaration of war. They’re not sitting on The Corrupt King’s lawn singing ‘We Shall Overcome’ – they’re setting his fucking castle on fire.” While Rock Shock Pop notes simply and accurately, “This album is just batshit crazy.”

Witness Extreme Noise Terror in its ferocious entirety, courtesy of Revolver Magazine, at THIS LOCATION.

Forged in Ipswich, England in 1985, EXTREME NOISE TERROR is widely considered one of the earliest and most influential European grindcore bands, and particularly the forefathers of crust punk. Following a slew of full-lengths, EPs, splits and live offerings as well as a revolving door of personnel shifts, the band shows zero sign of mellowing out or slowing things down three decades since their initial formation. Heavy-as-fuck and pissed off grind is what defines the ENT sound, and this album further cements the band’s status as the reigning kings of all that is heavy. Hardcore punk, crust or grind? This is EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Their new self-titled LP features thirteen of the band’s fastest, most intense and blatantly catchy tracks to date

Extreme Noise Terror will see release via Willowtip Records November 6th, 2015. Preorder your copy RIGHT HERE.