EXTINGUISH: Cvlt Nation Premieres “The Judge” From California Hardcore Crew As Debut EP Nears Release Through Creator-Destructor Records

photos by Nate Zoeller

With the eponymous debut 7″ EP from Sacramento-based hardcore outfit, EXTINGUISH, nearing release through Creator-Destructor Records this month, Cvlt Nation is hosting the public premiere of the brutal new single, “The Judge.”

Formed in 2017, EXTINGUISH attempts to achieve the darkest/hardest sound they can, merging elements of death metal with the classic ’90s hardcore sound. With a style somewhere between the output of death metal greats Obituary and Grave, and hardcore icons Next Step Up and Gut instinct, the band delivers a punishing, metallic attack akin to peers Sunami, Hands Of God, Field Of Flames, and more. In their short time as a band, they’ve played throughout the Sacramento and Bay Area scenes, and now present their debut recorded output.

Extinguish drops seven tracks in barely sixteen minutes, the songs surging with rigorous vitality and slamming breakdowns. The record was recorded April 2020 at Panda Studios by Charles Toshio and completed with cover art by Nicky Rat.

EXTINGUISH discloses with the premiere of “The Judge,” “This song encapsulates the ignorance of blind hatred. Disgracing humanity with those types of actions. That karma will catch you when you least expect it. We all bleed the same blood.”

Cvlt Nation writes, “EXTINGUISH‘s music is ultra-HEAVY and seething with RAGE that you can’t ignore. Don’t even get me started on their sick fucking breakdowns!”

Stream EXTINGUISH’s “The Judge” first only through Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Extinguish will see release on 7″ vinyl –100 on white and 150 on clear with splatter – and all digital provders via Creator-Destructor Records on April 23rd. Find preorders at Bandcamp HERE.

EXTINGUISH is truly a no-frills band, an aesthetic that extends to their effective, supremely pissed lyrical strategy. With the state of the world in 2021 being seemingly worse than it’s ever been, the Sacramento five-piece don’t hold back on speaking up about real life; the horrors, sadness, and abuse of power that many fall victim to in our current failed state of politics and leadership. While the band heavily focuses on our collective social nightmare related to corrupt police, politicians, and lack of faith in humanity, EXTINGUISH also find themselves exploring the personal realm of struggling to maintain your sanity when all systems of infrastructure are broken and seemingly hopeless, creating an apocalyptic mental state which one must climb through every day, just to survive.