EXPULSION Shares “Altar Of Slaughter” Guitar Playthrough Video + ESP Guitar Giveaway Announced

Photo by Jay Valena

Photo by Jay Valena

“…a giant shot of adrenaline that demands donning a battle jacket and banging your head until it falls off. 9/10” – Metal Injection

Extreme metal act EXPULSION, featuring members of Repulsion, Exhumed, Phobia, Intronaut, Gruesome and numerous others, has shared an official guitar playthrough video for “Altar Of Slaughter” performed by guitarist Matt Olivo. The track comes by way of the band’s debut album Nightmare Future out now on Relapse Records.

Watch the video at THIS LOCATION.


Additionally, EXPULSION has announced a contest opportunity for a chance to win an autographed ESP guitar from Matt Olivo! Full details are available at expulsionband.com.

Produced by grind legend Matt Olivo of Repulsion, mixed by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Mayhem, Faith No More, Halford), Nightmare Future is available on CD, LP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical orders and bundles are available at Relapse.com HERE and digital downloads can be ordered via Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION where the album is also streaming in full.

Spawned from the cerebral mind of Olivo, EXPULSION combines grind, punk, and crust into a caustic musical vomit guaranteed to stack the corpses high. Olivo’s partner-in-grind, Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Gruesome) was recruited over beers in a sweaty Los Angeles apartment to bring his classic brand of oratory assault. The additions of veteran musicians – drummer Danny Walker (Intronaut, Exhumed, Phobia) and bassist Menno Verbaten (Lightning Swords Of Death) – complete the fit-to-burn outfit. Expect nothing but the best of throat-shredding vocals, relentless blast beats, buzzsaw riffs, and raw bass tones. EXPULSION will leave you horrified with their vile brand of classic, ’80s sickness!

“…ridiculously, brutally on point; a rousing revival of a sound that, while indeed legacy-affirming and glorious, instantly and continually eradicates any fears of a ho-hum legacy victory lap or halfhearted glory chasing. 9/10” – Decibel

“It’s disgusting, unrelenting, and diseased. In other words: everything you’d want from a band featuring this line-up of musicians!” Metal Sucks

“This record encapsulates the mood and spirit of old school grind, punk, and crust to a tee, which you’d expect nothing less from this veteran lineup. Nightmare Future embodies the phrase Exodus made famous nearly 30 years ago still relevant now: ‘…Throw your elbows in some friendly, violent fun…’ 4.5/5” – New Noise Magazine

“The production is raw yet meaty. The guitars are thick and the drums are like mini gunshots. Even during the chaotic moments of the songs, you can easily identify the riff patterns which makes this album enjoyable right from the first spin. EXPULSION hits the mark with their debut Nightmare Future. They deliver what they promise and don’t disappoint even a bit despite the mountain of expectations the listener may have considering each member’s legacy. 8.3/10″ – Metal Wani

“If you like no nonsense, no messing around, rip your head off and melt your face brutal metal, EXPULSION‘s Nightmare Future is just what the doctor ordered.” – Hellbound

“The tune aims for a pure high. Speed hits nostril. Nerves hit overload. Volume hits maximum. As it should be.” – BrooklynVegan/Invisible Oranges on “Comatose”

“…high speed, take no prisoners bangers that give Iron Reagan or Lock Up a fair fight in the over the top intensity department.” – Metal Riot

“Top notch crust and grind from a very talented crew.” – Transcending Obscurity

“Fast, brutal, raging, and surprisingly infectious, this is a band that were never going to produce a dud, yet there was no guarantee it was going to be as good as this actually is.” – Wonderbox Metal

Pounding aggressive without becoming boring, its punk influences worn proudly on its no doubt crusty sleeves and with enough happening in each track to put any band who feel they can repeat a riff for longer than a couple of minutes to shame. If this had been released three decades ago, it would be a classic of the genre have no doubt about that. 9/10″ – Distorted Sound