EXHUMED: Necrocracy Bonus Tracks Streaming At Cvlt Nation

Today the gate keepers at Cvlt Nation are delighted to spit forth some EXHUMED rarities from the Necrocracy recording sessions.

Illuminates Matt Harvey: “Just like last time, when we entered the studio to record Necrocracy, our collective cup was runnething over. We knew the record would end up right around 35 minutes, but it wasn’t clear just yet which tracks would be destined to end up as bonus material. It was a tough call, but ‘The Beginning After The End,’ and ‘Not Yet Dead Enough’ ended up as bonus material, as did the outro ‘E Pluribus Mortem’ that we worked up in the jam room only a few days before recording. We also came up with a short nasty one right before we entered the studio that became ‘Chewed Up, Spit Out’ and while we were tracking the drums we wrote another blaster, ‘Go For The Throat.’ We were originally trying to get Relapse to do a split of some kind with these two tracks, but it didn’t come together and we thought they were too much fun to keep to ourselves, so you can enjoy them here. For those of you wishing we still wrote one minute songs, here you go! Think of Necrocracy as the malignant main dish and these morbid morsels as some superlative side dishes that should enhance your dining experience. Cheers, and enjoy! See you mutants on the road!”

Let there be blood and plague HERE.

Necrocracy was released earlier this month via Relapse Records and continues to earn critical hails for standing as EXHUMED‘s most musically adroit, sonically punishing and lyrically thought-provoking recording of their murderous catalog. About.com crowns the record “…one of the year’s best death/goregrind releases,” while Outburn writes in a 9/10 rating, “The album seethes with virtriol, visceral shredding and thunderous grooves and it yields not a dull moment across its 29 minutes.” Adds Pitchfork, “Matt Harvey and his merry maniacs know exactly what they’re doing, and have spent 20-odd years perfecting their poisonous formula. The riffs still bludgeon, the snare still snaps, and the dual vocal assault still growls and yelps with the best of them. The wailing solos and brilliant flashes of melodic death metal perfection are a welcome addition, as is their maturing approach to songwriting.”

To order Necrocracy, scroll over to THIS LOCATION. The record is also available via iTunes HERE. And if you missed it, peep the visuals for “Coins Upon The Eyes” HERE.

Prior to their month-long North Americanlive ambush this Fallwith labelmates Dying Fetus, EXHUMED will pillage their way through several cities, including two very special nights in Los Angeles sharing the stage with Carcass! See updated tour dates below.

9/26/2013 Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
9/27/2013 Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
9/28/2013 The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA w/ Carcass
9/29/2013 Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA w/ Carcass
10/01/2013 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
10/02/2013 Brass Rail – Peoria, IL
10/03/2013 The Shrunken Head – Columbus, OH

EXHUMED w/ Dying Fetus:
10/04/2013 Mojo 13 – Wilmington, DE
10/05/2013 Ziggy’s by The Sea – Wilmington, NC
10/06/2013 Back Booth – Orlando, FL
10/07/2013 The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
10/09/2013 Fitzgerald’s – Houston, TX
10/10/2013 Red 7 – Austin, TX
10/11/2013 Trees – Dallas, TX
10/12/2013 Chameleon Room – Oklahoma City, OK
10/13/2013 Warehouse 21 – Santa Fe, NM
10/14/2013 Rocky Point – Tempe, AZ
10/15/2013 Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
10/16/2013 The Whisky – W. Hollywood, CA
10/17/2013 DNA Lounge – San Francisco, CA
10/18/2013 Branx – Portland, OR
10/19/2013 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
10/20/2013 Rickshaw Theater – Vancouver, BC
10/22/2013 Republik – Calgary, AB
10/23/2013 Pawn Shop – Edmonton, AB
10/24/2013 Riddell Centre – Regina, SK
10/25/2013 Park Theater – Winnipeg, MB
10/26/2013 Station-4 – St Paul, MN
10/27/2013 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
10/29/2013 Peabodys – Cleveland, OH
10/30/2013 Chance Theater – Poughkeepsie, NY
10/31/2013 Palladium – Worcester, MA
11/01/2013 Gramercy Theater – New York, NY
11/02/2013 Empire – Springfield, VA

“This is death metal the way it should be, but hardly is anymore: complex but still compact, well-played without being wanky, brutal without going to ridiculous extremes, and listenable, if not inviting, in spite of its inherent ghastliness. Necrocracy kills, plain and simple.” – Metal Insider

“…as solid a record as EXHUMED have ever created. Full of as much soul as it has guts, Necrocracy is simultaneously cool, true, and different in the ways that matter. Death lives.” – 4/5 MetalSucks

EXHUMED have accomplished what they set out to do here, namely give the world a thoughtful, well-crafted death metal album in a mid-90s vein, where melodic leads had begun to creep in but the genre hadn’t gone full Maiden yet.” – Metal Injection

“If we were going to do something daft like compare phases of EXHUMED‘s career with any other band, then Necrocracy is their South Of Heaven. They’ve slowed down where it counts whilst retaining their bloody, jagged edge and still know when to up the BPMs for maximum effect, whilst every area of the writing is stronger and they’ve even learned a few new tricks to crank up the tension at key points…. the heaviest point of their career to date.” – 5/6 Thrash Hits

“Necrocracy is very much an intelligent, calculated incision into your brain tissue, cutting just delicately enough for them to juxtapose the surgeon’s work by trampling over the rest of your broken body. I’m sure they’ll get elected into office when Necrocracy drops on the sixth of August.” – 4/5 Sputnik Music

“Necrocracy pretty much has it all if you’re in the mood for some slightly pre-Heartwork-era Carcass worship. Infectiously catchy riffing that falls somewhere in between dense thrash metal and death metal, a gallop that occasionally segues into all out blasts, and the duel vocal attack that [Matt] Harvey and bassist Bodybag Bob Babcock have perfected…. are all over Necrocracy. Harvey’s high pitched, greasy screech combines so well with Babcock’s growls that you could almost describe the delivery as a harmony. Toss in some great songwriting and a really keen sense of melody, and Necrocracy is probably about as good as the genre can offer.” – 8/10 Last Rites

EXHUMED has always been a force to be reckoned with, and with the guffaw of ‘Ravening’ and harsher thrash climes of ‘Carrion Call,’ the Californian psychopaths have simply cemented their place alongside Carcass as leaders in a field swamped in clogged up gore.” – Metal Forces