EXHUMED: Exclusive Live Download From Maryland Deathfest Courtesy Of NPR

Goregrind legends EXHUMED played their first U.S. show in over six years at the 2011 edition of the Maryland Deathfest and thanks to NPR, the set — in all its uncensored glory — is available for your consumption at THIS LOCATION.

EXHUMED released their All Guts, No Glory full-length earlier this year via Relapse Records. The record continues to reap critical acclaim from fans and critics nationally and has left it’s grisly mark on multiple Year End lists including Decibel, Pitchfork, NPR.org, MetalSucks and Skulls N Bones!

Said vocalist/guitarist menace Matt Harvey: “2011 has been a great year for the band. We’ve had a killer time scraping off the rust on the gore metal machine and getting back on the road and partying with necromaniacs all over the place. It’s amazing how many people have enjoyed our racket and have actually said nice things about our record — sometimes even in public! We have a lot of shit planned for next year and we’re chomping at the bit to continue subjecting the universe to more of our god awful noise! See you on the road…or at the bar. Play fast or die, dudes. Cheers!”

As previously announced, EXHUMED will be showering Brazil with their infernal live rituals this Winter with Aborted. This will mark the band’s first time ever in the country.

EXHUMED w/ Aborted
2/17/2012 Music Hall – Belo Horizonte, MG
2/18/2012 Hangar 110 РṢo Paulo, SP
2/19/2012 Hangar Bar – Curitiba, PR
2/20/2012 Bar Opinịo РPorto Alegre, RS

“Everything seems more fluid and powerful, though as vicious as it all is, the focus remains on the composition and how it smacks the listener between the eyes.” — Decibel

EXHUMED are back, hungry, vicious, and unrelenting,” — Metal Underground

“… fans of dripping blood, gaping autopsies, and ravenous zombies will absolutely adore this record.” — Revolver

EXHUMED has aged like corpse putrefaction: that is indeed the highest compliment you can pay to one of 2011’s best records.” — Brave Words

“My only real bitch about All Guts, No Glory is that it blew the speakers in my truck. Worth it.” — Blabbermouth

” Each track flies right out of the gate, grabs you by the throat and does not even think about mercy.” — Stereokiller

EXHUMED has not only strongly persisted over the last 20 years, but has also managed to simultaneously keep their musical integrity and brutal, gore-filled lyrics fully intact.” — Abort

EXHUMED has written killer material that follows their established formula but throws enough changes into the mix to avoid feeling like a retread.” — Cosmos Gaming

“All Guts, No Glory is not only EXHUMED‘s finest moment, but probably the best metal record of the year. If something better comes along, it will be from another planet.” — Music Emissions