ESCHATON: New England-Based Progressive Death Metal Unit Unmasks “Immortal Mutilation” Video Via Metal Injection; Sentinel Apocalypse Preorders Now Available

Sentinel Apocalypse is the impending new full-length from New England-based progressive death metal engineers, ESCHATON. Set to detonate this May via Unique Leader Records, Sentinel Apocalypse was captured at drummer Darren Cesca’s House Of Grind Studios in southern Connecticut and brandishes eleven tracks rife with surgically precise guitar sweeps, incapacitating drum work and enough vocal acrimony to crumble a nation. A surefire win for devotees of the twisted compositions of Carnifex, The Faceless, Necrophagist, The Black Dahlia Murder and Beneath The Massacre.

As a precursor to the release, today titanic video portal, Metal Injection, is pleased to premiere a brand new video for third track, “Immortal Mutilation.” Elaborates the ESCHATON collective, “‘Immortal Mutilation’ was the chosen track for our first single off Sentinel Apocalypse because it takes many of the core themes that you will be seeing from ESCHATON, puts them in a spiked-chain-mail sack, and uses it to beat the listeners within a breath of their lives. The track is particularly aggressive, technical, dynamic, and innovative with chaotic riffing and blasting. Lyrically, the song tells the harsh truth that one must mutilate their innocence in order to survive one’s enemies, transforming into a beast, but then comes to the realization that existence is codependent with the very thing that one once despised.”

Feast your peepers on “Immortal Mutilation” at THIS LOCATION.

A theological term that refers to the world during the post historic era of God’s overt apocalyptic reign, immediately preceding the end of the world, ESCHATON was founded in 2007 near Providence, Rhode Island and manifests a uniquely belligerent, stand-alone sound that’s at once harsh and procedural yet wholly-enthralling. ESCHATON features vocalist Jason Viteri, guitarist brothers Joshua and Jared Berry, bassist Pat Pattison and drummer Darren Cesca (Pillory, Arsis, Goratory, Incinerate).

Sentinel Apocalypse will be released via Unique Leader Records on May 19th, 2015. Preorder bundles are current available at THIS LOCATION.

“Blending neo-classical progressive death metal riffs with grooves, solos and epic harmonies, guitarist Joshua Berry has a writing style that punches your face, many times, and leaves you crying for more…. Darren Cesca riddles your body with relentless blast-beats and lightning-fast fill combinations. Combine all this with half demon, half angel, half man vocalist Jason Viteri’s dynamic highs, brutal gutturals and greasy long hair and what do you get? Windmills.” – Sick Drummer