ERRANT: BrooklynVegan Streams Self-Titled Debut From Introspective New Solo Project Led By Immortal Bird’s Rae Amitay In Its Entirety; EP To See Release Friday April 3rd Via Manatee Rampage Recordings

Photo by Andrew Rothmund

BrooklynVegan is currently streaming the self-titled debut EP from ERRANT, the introspective new solo project led by Immortal Bird’s Rae Amitay, in its entirety. Set for release Friday, April 3rd via Manatee Rampage Recordings, ERRANT is a look at self-loathing, confusion, and searching for strength in an enervating world.

Notes Amitay of the release, “Obviously, things are not normal. I’m so grateful to everyone who has been supporting and encouraging musicians and creators during this time of isolation that sprawls out with uncertainty. It’s brave and kind to engage with people’s efforts and I need to do more of it. Everything is in dreadful chaos and time feels heavy. I wrote and recorded this EP during a time where I felt my life was in turmoil and my mind was in constant tumult. Now I have a new understanding of how that feels. Hopefully, something about this music can be resonant, and maybe comforting, during all this. Maybe that’s asking too much. In any event, thank you to all who have listened.”

Adds BrooklynVegan, “Like Immortal Bird, it’s not easy to pin these songs down into any specific subgenre, but it is very easy to like them – they’re all rippers that pretty much any modern metal fan should be able to get behind.”

Stream Errant, exclusively at BrooklynVegan, at THIS LOCATION.

Errant will be released on CD and digital formats. For preorders go HERE.

ERRANT was conceived in 2019 as a vehicle for realizing ideas that exist in a separate space from Immortal Bird. Recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, Illinois, the three original tracks see Amitay playing synth, guitar, bass, drums, and performing both harsh and clean vocals. The music isn’t wedded to genre and explores black metal, rock, thrash, doom, and other styles. The arrangements are direct but take time to weave in progressive elements and dynamic atmosphere. Closing out with a cover of Amitay’s favorite song by Failure, “Saturday Saviour,” ERRANT is also an opportunity to record something removed from the metal genre, while still being rooted in emotion and urgent, melancholic energy.

“…an introspective and deeply personal release, exploring the rises and falls of mood and temper.” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“Amitay moves freely between black metal, rock, thrash, doom, and practically any other heavy guitar-based style she wishes in a manner that defies easy categorization, whilst delving into personal lyrical themes. Musically progressive and inherently emotional, Errant is an exploration of self-loathing, doubt, and a search for a sense of self and place in a shifting world.” — Astral Noise UK

“With this EP, ERRANT enters into the musical world with a penchant for strong melodies, atmosphere, and emotion. Boasting strong production values, blurring the lines of multiple genres, and offering ideas that are sure to intrigue anyone with an open mind, this is a new release that you need to check out. For anyone who loves the projects of Rae Amitay, or just experimental music in general: highly recommended.” — Sleeping Village