ENSHADOWED: Greek Black Metallers Join The Pulverised Records Roster

Pulverised Records is pleased to announce the addition of Greek misanthropic black metallers ENSHADOWED to their expanding roster of brutality.

The band will release their third full-length, Magic Chaos Psychedelia, later this year. The ultimate combination of orthodox black metal with nihilistic death metal, Magic Chaos Psychedelia was engineered by Septicflesh’s Fotis Benardo and offers up a sonic headfuck of chaos, ritualism and paranoia.

Magic Chaos Psychedelia Track Listing
1. Stary Throne Of It
2. Is Venit Ex Abyssus
3. Black Holes, Death Planets
4. The Scenario
5. Surrealistic Shade Of Color Black
6. Dethroned
7. Inner Psy-Trip
8. The Dual Hypostasis Of Nihil
9. Magic Chaos Psychedelia

Commented ENSHADOWED guitarist N.e.c.r.o: “This is the right step for us! Magic Chaos Psychedelia is the most important album for the band yet. It’s an honor for ENSHADOWED to join Pulverised Records. They are professional and I was already totally satisfied with they work they’ve done for my other band Burial Hordes. This album is a very personal for us. Fotis Benardo of Septicflesh was behind the sound engineering. We spent many hours creating the best sound quality for the recording and mix. Now Pulverised Records is ready to spread our sick spiritual creations. Give yourself the chance to taste the blood of chaos and a magical psy-trip…”

Added Pulverised Records A&R manager Calvin Chiang: “From the moment we heard the advance tracks from Magic Chaos Psychedelia, we knew this beast of an album contained some of the most cynical fuck-off vibes ever. And seeing how we’ve unleashed a slew of almost-exclusive death metal releases last year, ENSHADOWED has clearly proven with Magic Chaos Psychedelia, we will derail that path a little in 2012! These days, we are extremely selective about the black metal bands that we sign and have no doubt that the foreboding sounds of ENSHADOWED, their unholy production, astounding musicianship, and anti-religious terror will reign supreme worldwide!”

Serpent – Vocals
N.e.c.r.o – Guitars
Golgotha – Bass

http://www.enshadowed.co.nr http://www.myspace.com/enshadowedband