EL DRUGSTORE: Debut Album Streaming At American Aftermath

As EL DRUGSTORE prepares for the release their debut full-length, Plague Ship, on New Year’s Eve, the whole album from the Jersey-based prog pirates is now playing.

The album stream is hosted by American Aftermath, who, in an early 9/10 review of the album, referred to the forty-five minute excursion as “hyperactive, disjunctive and jarring,” stating, “It will enthrall you as well as pummel you with its tornadoes of complex riffing and eccentricities. Instrumental technical metal has been done before but EL DRUGSTORE have a style all their own and Plague Ship can attest to that.” A manifesto documenting the album’s instrumental madness track-by-track has been released alongside the album stream as well, providing a curious view into these lyric-free, anticapella dirges.

Board the Plague Ship RIGHT HERE.

Comprised of guitarist Kevin Conway (ex-East of the Wall), drummer Seth Rheam (East of the Wall) and bassist Rolando Alvarado, EL DRUGSTORE‘s jacked-up delivery is at full-mast on Plague Ship, the record bearing over forty-five minutes of their belligerent, instrumental bombast. On the dizzying array of head-scratching jam-outs, amplification runs rampant, propelling the massive array of effect/pedal-laden spazz-riffery through the pummeling percussive whiplash without a whiff of spitty breath to be found. Plague Ship was tracked at parts unknown by the band and their cohort Chris Alfano (East of the Wall, Argonauts), and mixed and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios.

2/01/2014 Paradise Lost – New Brunswick, NJ w/ Zevious, Fond Han, Mothguts

“The Jersey instrumental trio makes a fuckload of noise… 45 minutes of brain-busting, off-timed scatterrock.” – Noisey/Vice

“If masturbating to Mahavishnu Orchestra in a Primus shirt while the jiggling lady explains string theory over a Mastodon soundtrack is your thing pick it up. It’s hectic, it’s heavy, it’s technical.” – New Noise Magazine

“…a winding and twisting instrumental act with a capital ‘mental’… Delightfully non-linear…” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

“In places Plague Ship soundtracks a cyclone carnival ride, all dizzying tempos and blurring sights, and follows riders as they disembark to stagger down the midway, dodge fest-goers and barfpiles, then come to a stop facedown behind the toilets. It’s wild!” – MetalSucks