EDENSONG: New York City Quintet Signs With Laser’s Edge For Release Of Years In The Garden Of Years

Edensong GRBB3610 [photo by Waxenvine][photo by Waxenvine]

Laser’s Edge officially welcomes New York City-based progressive rock quintet EDENSONG to the label’s roster for the release of their impending second full-length album, Years In The Garden Of Years.

EDENSONG‘s self-released 2008 The Fruit Fallen debut was hailed as “a masterpiece” by critics, and helped to pave the way for live shows and notable festival appearances throughout North America, including Progday in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Festival Terra Incognita in Quebec City, where they shared the stage with acts ranging from Ozric Tentancles to Kings X to Discipline. While the current lineup of the band wasn’t crystallized until 2009, EDENSONG‘s roots reach back two decades, to Echoes Of Eden, a progressive metal band comprised of three of EDENSONG‘s core members.

For their 2016 follow-up, Years In The Garden Of Years, a concept album where EDENSONG further explores the intricately composed eclectic orchestral rock style of their debut, and infuses it with the energy and sheer power of the music of their roots in Echoes Of Eden. Whereas The Fruit Fallen was the creative voice of singer/guitarist James Byron Schoen, Years In The Garden Of Years was composed more collaboratively by the full band, and the diverse musical contributions and influences can be heard across the record, from metal to symphonic, atonal to melodic, acoustic to electronic, meticulously structured to fully improvised.

Issues Schoen of the signing, “EDENSONG is psyched to be a new addition to the Laser’s Edge lineup. So many of my favorite prog bands in recent years have deep ties to this label, and Laser’s Edge has been supportive of our music since we released the Fruit Fallen back in ’08. I think it will be a great collaboration.”

Years In The Garden Of Years is to be released on September 30th through Laser’s Edge, EDENSONG‘s first title for the progressive music powerhouse. Stand by for further details on the album and audio samples to be released in the weeks ahead.

EDENSONG has recently made a return to live performances and plan to play extensively in support of the Years In The Garden Of Years.